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Today we are living in a world where the creation of mass waste is inevitable. Because of the rising population in big cities every day, the production and consumption processes lead to the generation of huge amounts of waste. According to the statistics, the world’s rising population generates about 4.6 kilograms of solid waste per capita, that’s why asset tracking has become prominent in waste management. In the business processes substantially far too much waste is produced. Due to that businesses need effective waste management. Today, a successful business must not be content with ordinary waste management solutions.  For example ordinary dust bins are no more efficient and effective for productive waste management. Thanks to brand new high technology such as smart bins it is possible and very practical to effectively manage waste. At that point it is so important to revolutionize your business’s waste management for better results in the most efficient way.

smart bins

What is a smart bin?

If you are wondering what a smart bin is, then here is your answer! Smart bin is the new high technology that integrated waste containers with smart sensors, which allows you to track through the waste management processes. For example, with the smart waste bin system you can control the occupancy ratio of your smart waste bins.  The capability to track the occupancy ratio of your smart waste bins provides your business with many benefits. It provides you successful time management in your waste management process. And also it helps you with increasing efficiency in your waste management. Your fleet can make the best choice in an optimized route plan. 

Thanks to smart bin technology your business can efficiently manage your waste.  So if you are wondering about the details of smart bins here they are! Smart bin sensors are attached to the dust bins. With that you can manage to track the fullness level of your smart trash bins efficiently. These smart bin sensors will provide you with the latest information through notifications. So that you will be informed about when it is time to empty your full dust bins.

If you are curious about how the smart bin sensors work the answer is gateways. They are the link between sensors and the IoT (Internet of Things) platform. At that point, you can ask what IoT is. Basically, IoT ensures your business to access real-time data. So that you can track the location of your waste truck fleet or the location of your smart bins anytime you want. With gateway technology, the data collected from the smart bin sensors are sent to the cloud. So that you can easily track your business’s waste management process. They provide assistance in optimization of the most efficient route that includes only the smart bins that are full and need to be emptied. 

Moreover, these devices generate smart schedules for your waste truck drivers and they manage your waste in the most effective way. Last but not least, thanks to gateway devices that have GPS and GSM features they will notify and inform your business in the case of an unwanted incident such as an unexpected rise in temperature in your waste bins or displacement of your dustbin.  For more information and details there is a comprehensive guide of smart bins for waste management

At that point, we should get into the details of the benefits of smart bin technology in waste.

Benefits of Smart bin technology

There are various benefits of smart dustbin technology. To begin with,

  • As Evreka mentioned, smart bin technology ensures efficiency and digitalization. There is an 80% decrease in waste disposal in cities and  that leads to less fuel consumption, pollution and traffic issues. All these benefits are valuable for the environment. 
  • It is very significant to track waste container occupancy rate. For effective waste management the data provided in smart bins by smart sensors are very crucial. With smart sensors notify the owners of smart bins they provide the data of which waste bin should be collected. And it ensures a reduction in your waste collection costs. It is very beneficial for your business.
  • Also another benefit of smart bins is that the service quality of your business’s waste management will improve. You can manage your time in waste management processes. And also you can control all the process of your waste management and your waste truck operations by your phone easily
smart bins

Smart bin solutions

You can utilize smart bin solutions in various issues. Such as if you are the responsible person for your business’s waste management processes or in your municipality you need to improve the efficiency of your waste management, then here we are as Evreka to help you to provide the best waste management solutions! Let’s take a detailed look at our solutions.

Asset management

First of all the smart sensors are the revolutionary part of the smart bins. In order to manage your assets, your waste bins it is necessary to track them with an efficient solution, which is smart sensors. With the asset management solution you can easily track your waste management processes. Moreover, the asset management solution helps you to decrease the managerial time spent on waste management processes with its integrated platforms that provides your business with effective data and analysis in waste management.

You can also observe the development in your waste management process with the asset management solution ensures you the past activity results and current situation in your waste management processes.

Last but not least, the asset management solution optimizes every single step in your waste management so that you can practically decrease possible costs and errors. Today you can easily reach out to this wonderful solution featuring beneficial attributes of waste management in a user-friendly all-in-one platform, which is Evreka

Dumpster rental 

Another solution in smart bins is dumpster rental.  With dumpster rental technology you can easily manage your construction waste or renovation waste. Dumpster rental technology is especially useful for large-sized waste disposal. With smart sensors that are located in the smart bins will ease your dumpster rental process. And you can track the situation of your large-sized waste. Furthermore, you do not need to worry about the correct disposal method of your waste, due to dumpster rental providing you the right method of any waste disposal.

For further information about dumpster rental and its benefits you can check out Evreka’s latest dumpster rental technology for waste management.  And also why you should utilize dumpster rental in your business’s waste management for the most efficient and practical solution is here for you to get to know more about it.  

Smart bins for smart cities 

To conclude this ultimate guide, it is important to highlight municipal waste management issues and its solutions. As the cities are getting more crowded the waste problem is also increasing. And the waste disposal becomes an important issue for municipalities. At that point, utilizing smart bins will be very beneficial for municipalities. The authorized people of the municipality on the issue of waste management can easily and clearly have communication with the driver in charge of their waste truck, and also with smart bin technology the waste truck driver  can use the most optimized route so that none of the source of the municipality will be consumed. 

Moreover, as the United Nation and all environmental institutions emphasize on the matter of smart cities, the smart bins are the necessary and most effective solution for municipalities. Thanks to smart bin technology in municipalities it is possible to create smart cities that aim for a more green and sustainable future for us! 

To conclude the smart bins

Smart bins are the ultimate solution for the better waste management solutions and processes. And today, all successful businesses or municipalities have a strong waste management solution with them. If you want your business or municipality to become successful in waste management then here we are to assist and help you!

For further information and details, request a demo from Evreka  ! 


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