Materials Recovery Facility Management

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Evreka’s solution for waste management facility aligns the workplace with the people performing the work. A wide range of programs are available to assist facility managers in managing daily operations. The field of facility management extends, and vendors can choose from a variety of platforms to better meet their management needs.

An integrated waste management system is designed by Evreka to handle facilities and equipment, streamline the work order, and reduce maintenance costs. Evreka utilizes technology and facilitates the management of facilities. This system is adaptable to almost any use case and able to decrease unnecessary complexity and feature-bloat.

Develop your facility management strategy with the full efficiency opportunities of Evreka’s smart waste management platform


Evreka helps us to digitize the entire e-waste collection and treatment process in Singapore. With their solutions, we are able to seamlessly oversee our various collection channels and operations on a single platform. Thanks to Evreka’s high-tech sensors and tracking system, inefficiency and operational costs are minimized, thereby enhancing our capabilities. We have integrated these solutions into our operations with regards to the Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) and have already achieved a significant improvement in performance at each stage. By seizing all the technological advantages provided by Evreka, we aim to be at the forefront of building the smartest cities in the world.

  • Reduced energy costs

    Companies will empirically re-evaluate their energy efficiency with the facility management approach and define areas for waste reduction. Reporting dashboards provide a comprehensive analysis of energy usage, distribution of resources, and time per job to point out organizational inefficiencies.

  • Dashboard view of managerial responsibility

    The robust Evreka facility management program works to maximize asset lifetime and, in effect, reduce ownership costs. This kind of program cuts down on reactive maintenance costs and inconveniences by planned and proactive maintenance.

    Developing a rigid schedule of asset upkeep ensures that assets perform at their peak while maintaining a smooth schedule of operations and employee safety. Users can access detailed reports to determine the cost and replacement times. Managers can track labor resources and identify the most qualified employees for specific assignments.

  • Strategic Resource Planning

    Evreka All-In-One Platform organizes the quality of an organization’s financial, production, and labor resources. The unified workflow between office managers and service technicians minimizes miscommunication and improves performance in any sort of waste management operations including solid waste management.

    Users can communicate with a range of workers from trained staff to different job positions and monitor work schedules for potential decision-making. Managers can use the management of the facilities to assess ongoing maintenance needs and preserve current properties.

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