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Operations Management

Operations Management digitizes all the actions performed to deliver a service on the field

Operations Management provides hands-on management capabilities and intelligent insights for operational excellence

Operations Management (OM) is the process that plans, controls, and covers all the processes and practices required to transform all the company’s resources into services. It is a big story with all the answers to the “WH” questions: who, what, when, which, where, how, why.

OM is associated with the planning of routes to be done, allocation of the resources (like manpower, vehicles, etc), processes (like monitoring the duties to be completed at each and every step), and data science applied optimization (route force, capacity, ETA, gap analysis, etc). Managing all these elements constitutes “operations management”.

Evreka provides an end-to-end solution to manage digitally the complex processes from receiving and creating the tasks to notifying related parties about current statuses. All of these processes need to be managed in harmony and in a digital way. While office users conduct and monitor the key performance indicators (KPIs) and operations, field workers can perform all the duties and directions which they are required to complete. Evreka OM Module helps you to achieve a great amount of efficiency by utilizing the perfect combination of software solutions.

  • Dispatch management

    Dispatch management provides you control over your responsibility area. You can organize, assign and optimize schedules and routes for the services provided. You divide the responsibility areas into zones according to your type of operations, and you get manageable blocks for bulk operations and other automations. It reduces manual activities, improves managing and monitoring capability, and provides a bird’s eye view of the past, ongoing and upcoming operations via a transparent map view and dashboard which supports reasonable business decisions guiding your process management.

  • Task management

    Task management solution provides you with diversity. Task management is the key factor and heart of an operation for both office and field. In our solution, its configurable structure is designed to carry valuable information, both requested and provided regarding your requirements. For every kind of operation, various configurable task templates can be created. With our solution, you can manage all of your tasks whether they will be auto-created, ad-hoc, repetitive, or all of them at the same time.

  • Route optimization

    Route optimization solutions provide autonomy and increased operational efficiency via optimized routes. Our optimization solution takes into consideration vehicle capacities, visit schedules, task sequences, visiting time intervals, restricted areas, and so on. Also, you can get notifications/alerts according to your special events. Once you create your routes, every single activity occurs just as you desire without any intervention. Also, they are easy to create thanks to our area management and route management solutions. 

  • Route & tour planning

    Route and tour planning helps you to manage all of your daily route or scheduled routines. Once you create a route plan you can track all of the activities including resources, shifts, plans, tasks, and visits. Also, you can manage ad-hoc routes & tasks and easily assign them to available resources either automatically or manually.

     You can also track your vehicle/driver’s current location, and monitor delivery efficiency digitally.

  • Reporting

    With Evreka solutions, via our reporting tool, all the details present in the Evreka OM module are turned into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights. On our informative reports dashboard, you can see the summary of your data with attractive visualizations, filter the datasets, customize the dashboard, and export your data.  

  • Which pain points does Evreka solve?

    • Easy selection and clustering of locations to assign bulk activities 

    • Divided geographical zones to manage different scenarios

    • Planned – ad hoc route & task management

    • Route optimization and resource allocation with respect to capacity and specific requirements of locations

    • Notifications about various activities

  • Benefits

    • Visibility on task completion statuses

    • Data gathering from activities and real-time operational insights

    • Reduced scale turnaround times and associated risks (financial, operational, and HSE)

    • Management support & extensive reporting

    • Migrate and consolidate all data into one system

Use cases

End-to-end container management

Door-to-door waste collection

Discrete material handling

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