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Complete waste management solutions for Local Authorities

While rapid urbanization continues to reshape the waste generation behavior of the citizens, it has become a significant challenge for authorities around the world to find ways to provide sustainable services in cities. This rapid growth in the cities has led to more production, more resource consumption, and, ultimately, more waste generation. Planning and effective management of this increasing amount of waste are becoming a problem for the authorities. Being unprepared for huge amounts of waste endangers the future and well-being of citizens. Besides, the authorities prepared for waste need to make plans for the future.

Evreka provides state-of-the-art solutions to Local Authorities for household waste management systems, recycling collection, route planning, fleet technology, and citizen applications. Evreka provides smart city technology that helps local authorities operate more efficiently, more effectively, and more sustainably. A SaaS offering originally designed for waste collection and city cleaning operations, this full-service technology solution can be brought in to help reduce costs, improve service, and contribute to the quality of urban life. Local authorities will build a sustainable and smart environment to make a city more livable, to keep the citizens satisfied, and to achieve excellence with Evreka solutions!

Meet Evreka’s all-in-one solution to revolutionize the way you manage the waste in your city!


We used to visit each container one by one and spend overmuch time. Thanks to Evreka smart waste management solution, we can perform more operations at the expense of half of the time we used to spend.

  • Improve citizen’s well-being

    Cities will improve citizens’ well-being with Evreka Waste Management Solution. Implementing our solution helps to maximize the capacity of bins and assist citizens to separate recyclables. The collection of waste that is powered by need removes unwanted traffic blockage and overflowing bins. Authorities are given resource allocation suggestions depending on the waste generation behavior of citizens. As a result, cities become cleaner and waste-free. It is possible to drop citizen complaints up to %80 and account management & live support with your local language. Our solution allows local authorities to act before citizens complain, leading to a more sustainable way of life!

  • Increase citizen interaction via an online platform

    Evreka CleanCity Platform is customized to support the citizen’s role and encourage their participation in waste collection and city cleaning operations. It allows citizens to directly communicate with service providers and send their requests in an easy and fast way, find the right bin for their waste type, enable them to be more environmentally responsible, and much more. Authorities can see the requests and complaints arriving from citizens on a single screen. Providing a better service will make customers more satisfied and cities more cleaned.

  • Be environmentally friendly

    With Evreka Smart Waste Management Solution, well-managed waste in the cities improves the environment. Real-time data monitoring, intelligent analytics, and optimized routing ensure more efficient waste collection, less noise, less traffic density, less fuel consumption, and a reduction in carbon emissions of up to 60%.

  • Decrease waste collection costs

    Evreka’s intelligent solutions ensure cost-effective management of waste operations. Our technology serves your city and can improve operations of fleets, the whole workforces and assets, helping to reduce cost and lessen the managerial load on city employees. By optimizing collection routes, collection frequency, and capacitated vehicle loads, cities can rely on data-driven decision-making to achieve a cost improvement of up to 55%.

  • Gain maximum value

    Authorities are required to do more with less. Evreka helps local authorities to gain maximum value from their budgets by improving productivity through route optimization, asset/customer/employee/operations management, and real-time tracking of the process. It provides real-time access to customer and service data to enable immediate handling of incoming queries. This minimizes costs and improves the level of citizen satisfaction. Evreka enables managers to do as much as they can with the resources they have. Together with real-time tracking, it enables the ability to take quick action in every operation.

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