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Upgrade waste management processes and optimize your efficiency with vehicle tracker!

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Vehicle tracker solution enables tracking of all vehicles’ real-time locations. With it’s collected GPS data and all featured sensors on the vehicle along with CANBUS information such as speed, RPM, braking, geofencing, fuel level to transfer them to the all-in-one Evreka Platform. All the tracking devices can be integrated with all-in-one Evreka Platform and mobile applications. 

Vehicle tracker serves endless advantages with the features designed with high technology. Users can obtain real-time or historical data that is transferred from tracking devices via GSM technology. Through this detailed data, operation management features for waste collection and city cleaning services are managed easily on all-in-one Evreka Platform. This structure provides a continuous flow from field to back-office. 

Users can do the system follow-up from any device connected to the internet in real-time wherever they are. Alerts can be set via the web-based system, to inform the user of unexpected cases such as not completed tasks and location changes by SMS/e-mail. It facilitates a fast reaction opportunity for potential safety issues for drivers with notifications, driver performance, and better service for customers. 

The essential features of vehicle tracker are better and efficient resource planning, full control of vehicle utilization, easy tracking vehicle maintenance, easy fulfillment realization. With periodic reporting that vehicle tracker provides, you can track your vehicles’ maintenance and fuel levels, analyze operation performance, utilize your sources better, and optimize your costs.

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