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Door to Door Waste Collection

Evreka’s client who serves tens of thousands of households in Pakistan has achieved an 89% reduction in missed bins.

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Inegöl Municipality

Inegöl Municipality achieved a reduction in the time spent in each operation by 10% with Evreka solutions.

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Medical Waste

Evreka's leading client at MENA region has achieved 57% reduction in managerial time spent, especially on operational planning.

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Yalova Municipality

Check out how Yalova Municipality increased task completion by 16% with fewer vehicles.

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Download our case study to find out how ALBA collected e-waste across Singapore according to EPR regulations.

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Download our case study to learn how Genio optimized Israeli municipalities' operational processes and reduced the associated costs.

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Hazardous Waste

Want to know how our customer managed hazardous waste operations with Evreka? Download our free case study and find out how to reduce costs during hazardous waste management with route optimization and operational planning.

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Deposit Return Scheme

Find out how the To-Ka Project we carry out with Bell Holding, provides fast-moving consumer brands a cutting-edge business model designed to boost recycling rates and promote clean source separation.

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Find out how Reinis significantly reduced public area complaints by 63% and optimized their door-to-door collection operations using Evreka's solutions.

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