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Waste Management for EPR and PRO

Solution for EPR Management & Producer Responsibility Organization

Achieve Sustainability Goals with Evreka’s all-inclusive EPR solution

Watch our brand new video on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Management and the benefits it provides for efficient and profitable waste practices.

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is one of the essential parts of achieving sustainability goals in waste management and the basis of the Circular Economy through recycling. Evreka’s end-to-end digital solutions make the process easier than ever before. Read more for the distinguishing features of the most efficient EPR solution!

EPR: A guide to sustainable waste management

EPR is a policy that focuses on the life cycle of products by holding producers, manufacturers, retailers, and importers responsible for the treatment and disposal of post-consumer products. The general use of EPR schemes is mostly on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), end-of-the-life vehicles (ELVs), end-of-the-life tires (ELTs), and packaging waste such as plastic, metal, glass, paper, or wood. Based on sustainable development and the management of re-created resources, EPR is a strategy that directs companies to recycle waste to new materials, and in turn hold them accountable for what they produce. This way, eco-friendly product design and environmentally sustainable disposal methods are also encouraged. 

In short, EPR is a beneficial policy where companies focus on the end-of-life circle of their products and create fruitful environmental, social, and economic effects. However, since it is a complex process, companies have difficulty executing it with internal force. This is where Producer Responsibility Organizations (PROs) come into play.

Producer Responsibility Organizations plans every detail of EPR

Producer Responsibility Organizations (PROs) ensure that the entire EPR process is managed following government regulations, from post-consumer take back to waste segregation and recycling. Considering this complicated process’s tremendous environmental and legal responsibility, it is not difficult to understand how vital an efficient application is, but also rare. Fortunately, Evreka’s all-in-one EPR solution facilitates every little detail about the chain of custody.

The most comprehensive solution for the integrated management of EPR

Regardless of where it is in the world, the most significant pain points of the EPR are transparency and fair pricing. Thanks to Evreka’s end-to-end integrated EPR solution, managers can cover every detail with real-time digital supervision and reporting. Thus, the operation of PROs will become easier and more seamless than ever before!

Evreka’s integrated EPR solution provides end-to-end chain of custody

As Evreka, thanks to the seamless integration of digital and cutting-edge waste management modules, we cover every detail from the collection points to the transportation to the recycling facilities until the last moment there. Keeping real-time data about how much of each material is collected, the stage of categorization and recycling, we generate detailed reports. This way, producers can achieve the most efficient EPR practices by accessing transparent data and establishing accurate strategies with performance measurement. For example, managers can see which regions the EPR process is more worthwhile. Moreover, whole operations are carried out under legal responsibilities with the chain of custody. 

Most importantly, fair pricing is calculated over the market share or product unit with transparent waste collection data. From collection points management to Material Recovery Facility Management, producers, PROs, and consumers are fed with the same information sources by viewing everything about the EPR process in real-time to see if things are going well. Throughout the process, producers, PROs, and consumers require various data. By connecting stakeholders in the same system, we ensure that they can use the same data according to their needs.

Hence, Evreka modules dramatically reduce the administrative workload. Overall, with Evreka’s sustainable and end-to-end modules, every detail in EPR, until the transparent invoice, can be made customizable following legal responsibilities and for the benefit of all the stakeholders.

In addition, in line with our mission of achieving sustainability for a more livable world, we see EPR as an opportunity to create education on improving waste management and customer awareness. We recognize that EPR is a constructive part of a broader new sustainability vision prioritizing social responsibility, respect for nature, and the circular economy. If you want to:

• Reduce waste generation starting from single-use plastics and packaging

• Increase recycling, reusing, and recovery of waste rates worldwide

• Be a part of establishing a more conscious production and consumption approach by noticing the end-of-life impact of products

• Increase the safe treatment of harmful materials

• To reduce the adverse effects that endanger the health of living things and the environment

• Invest in a sustainable future

• Reach transparent, efficient, data-driven, cost-efficient, and all-in-one EPR solutions

Become a part of Evreka’s environmentally sustainable waste management world!

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