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Asset Management

Asset Management Software helps keep track of assets while they flow through the operations.

The asset management system provides location-based capabilities, increases the lifespan of assets, and provides cost avoidance.

Asset management solutions are inseparable from effective waste management. Yet, it can be a confusing term with financial asset management. Asset management definition in waste management is managing and running the waste collection bins most economically and efficiently to optimize whole operations.

Assets can be exemplified not only as bins but also as reverse vending machines, underground containers, smart containers, or compactor containers. If these places, where all wastes come together, are managed without digital and accurate asset management services, they risk crippling all operations. Evreka’s digital asset management platform provides all the data you want to keep:
• Visibility of your assets
• Their statuses
• Exact locations
• Operational details such as supplier, color, purchase date of fullness, and much more.

With the flawless integration of hardware products, you can achieve 360-degree tracking for your assets through Evreka Asset Management Module. This opportunity can be used to trigger task creation, order fulfillment, and communication between stakeholders. Another plus of the hardware asset management relationship is the chance of instant notification and action regarding asset corruption like theft or stealing, fire, or any harmful events.

After briefly talking about the Asset Management module, it’s time to explore the best-in-industry advantages of Evreka. How would you like to look closely at the asset management structure to build better recycling and recovery practices for a green economy?

  • Asset Tracking

    Evreka Asset Management module provides visibility on the whole assets. All activities and operational data are recorded, with real-time data and RFID readings like:

    • Change in the fullness and temperature level 

    • Access to specific assets

    • Physical movements and so on!

    All necessary data is just a click away on the map or using data-heavy tables.

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  • Inventory Management

    One of waste management’s biggest challenges is keeping the inventory record up to date. After all, too many assets are placed in the field. Moreover, you may have different assets, from bins to underground containers, from access control containers to reverse vending machines. These assets have different display requirements and may need various fields to be shown. Besides, the record of the assets should be kept for the quick actions required for agile optimization. Hence, challenging inventory management tasks must be carried out within an efficient asset management system.

  • Asset Lifecycle

    Evreka Asset Management module facilitates recording and tracking your assets throughout their lifecycle. With the digital asset management platform, you can know:

    • How many times an asset is lifted

    • How many times it was relocated

    • How much time it was on the field

    • How it was damaged

    To optimize your processes and extend the life of your assets, what you need is here, provided to you.

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  • Incident Management

    Have you ever thought about how you can conduct your operations when you can’t hear from your ubiquitous assets? Being aware of abnormalities, such as the collection event being far from your asset’s location, is vital. Don’t worry, Evreka Asset Management module helps you to detect those with unique algorithms and rulesets. Any sudden temperature increase or suspicious fullness drop could be classified as an incident to interfere on time. 

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  • Asset Management Reporting

    With the outstanding reporting tool, all the details present in the Evreka Asset Management module are turned into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights. On the informative reports dashboard, you can:

    • See the summary of your data with attractive visualizations 

    • Filter the datasets

    • Customize the dashboard

    • Export your data

    Thanks to the Asset Management Software, you can reduce your workload and establish the right strategies without missing any parts.

  • Which Pain Points Does Evreka Solve with Asset Management?

    • Eliminating trackability problems with real-time data and reports

    • Heavy activity burden to keep track of asset inventory

    • Lacking user-friendly interfaces to track asset location

    • Specialized information (i.e., fullness, temperature, service days) utilization flowing from multiple and disparate sources

    • Transparency and communication problems due to the lack of smart asset management

  • Asset Management Software Benefits

    • Get complete control over asset details and easy access to all asset data

    • Track & control asset maintenance

    • Monitor location, movement, fill level, and temperature

    • Automated inventory tracking and decreased maintenance costs

    • Seamless integration with other Evreka modules and reduced manual activity through the smart asset management system

    • Fast communication and information flow between users

    • Efficient resource allocation

Use cases

Door-to-door waste collection

Underground container collection

Discrete material handling

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Get full control of your assets and utilize all-inclusive solutions for sustainable waste management!

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We rarely encounter the analytics and the level of detail which Evreka provides on the undertaking of donation box operations. Thanks to Evreka, as we Turkish Red Crescent have been managing the collection of donation boxes more efficiently through total time and distance reduction needed for the collection of donation boxes. Evreka has assisted us in managing the process of collection to create a more efficient system for society’s own sake. Evreka SaaS system made us notice a rare exception like the robbery of donations with a very smart solution that exceeds our expectations.

Humanitarian Association | Turkish Red Crescent


What is Asset Management?

The Asset Management module monitors the fill level, status, temperature, and location in any container at the desired time. With smart bin and IoT technology, the digital asset management platform results in digital analysis and solutions based on real-time data to eliminate the errors in whole waste management operations.

Why is Asset Management Important?

In today’s conditions, where technology is developing at a hectic pace, waste management is often handled with traditional methods causing a significant efficiency loss. Worse still, this loss leads to the garbage crisis and loss of resources for the circular economy. Therefore, as the basis of sustainable waste management, the Asset Management system not only provides digital and optimized operations, it is part of a bigger picture. We have to take advantage of the latest technology to achieve efficient recycling and sustainability targets.

What is Software Asset Management?

Asset Management Software gathers all the details you need about all your assets under one roof thanks to the cloud system and optimizes operations with real-time data. Thus, while you control the lifecycle and extend the asset life, you also improve the overall waste operation.

How Does Asset Management Software Work?

Asset Management Software works in integration with hardware products such as sensors and RFID tags to interact with the field and other Evreka modules. Thus, you get end-to-end asset management services with which you can create various reports and schedules for assets, provide instant data, and easily connect with other operations.

What are Evreka Asset Management Advantages?

• Smart asset management enables you to have total control over the processes without trackability concerns.
• With integrated platforms and reports, managerial time and manual processes get minimum.
• Managers can compare the past results and current situations with recordings.
• You can have more qualified inventory and maintenance management.
• Firms can improve the customer experience and increase customer satisfaction by providing transparency and integrating disparate systems.
• Overall, you can easily optimize processes by following every detail and taking quick action.

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