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Evreka Fleet Management solution enables tracking of all vehicles’ real-time locations on the connected devices via vehicle tracker and vehicle RFID reader. It facilitates a fast reaction opportunity for potential safety issues for drivers with SMS/E-mail notifications, fuel management, and better service for customers. 

 Through the All-In-One Evreka Platform, managers can check, analyze, and compare the fleet’s performance on driver-based, vehicle-based, and time-based. Task fulfillment realization of waste collection and city cleaning operations can be quickly followed on the screen, new planning and dispatching can be made according to the current situation. This solution allows your solid waste management leapfrog ahead by providing digitized opportunities. Dynamic routing tools automate the waste collection process based on precise data, including traffic information.

With Evreka Smart Dynamic Routing Optimization, every kind of waste collection operation on the route is easily tracked, and new additions or removals can be carried effortlessly.  By closely monitoring the tenants and subcontracts, you can keep your administrative planning under control, access historical data when needed, and easily report, manage the financial situation, and be aware of all third-party activities. Thanks to the periodic reporting, you can track your vehicles’ maintenance and fuel levels, analyze operation performance, utilize your sources better, and optimize your costs.

You can also track and manage the subcontractors’ fleet. By including the data of the subcontractors you want separately, you can manage different tenants (according to region, country, city) and prioritize them among themselves.

What We Provide

If you can not measure it, you can not improve it.” Considering the excessive number of your vehicles taking the field every day, and other third-party organizations you have to work with, there is no chance to effectively manage them, to reduce your costs, and to improve the performance without actionable data. It’s time to change the way you think about your fleet management.

With the best monitoring opportunities and our experts happy to guide, optimizing your fleet management operations is just a click away!

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