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Fleet Management

Fleet Management is the bundle of efforts to keep track of vehicles, and their specific aspects.

Fleet Management Software provides real-time tracking, management, and analysis of the fleet with increasing cost-efficiency.

The Fleet Management system covers and provides data about all the fleet possessed. Anything you want to know about your fleet and vehicles can be provided by the Evreka Fleet Management module.

Most of the operations in waste management are done by vehicles. Hence, an operation can be satisfied by only visiting the site or reading an RFID tag on-site. Moreover, the fleet is one of the parts that a business can take action for cost-saving activities by increasing productivity. Of course, this action requires a fleet management company that can develop case-specific solutions and has proven its success. Luckily, Evreka Fleet Management Module helps you achieve excellent efficiency by utilizing the perfect combination of software solutions and seamless integrations with hardware.

By using hardware products integrated with the vehicle and Evreka system, Fleet Management solutions provide live tracking, historical tracking, fleet performance, driver performance, preemptive maintenance insights, and fuel insights. It also keeps track of and records independent activities for businesses to build connections within their core operations.

Evreka Fleet Management Module enables businesses to make decisions in a data-driven way. While drivers conduct on-site operations, managers can monitor the entire lifecycle of their fleet.

  • Fleet Management Database

    A fleet database is an interactive and intelligent vehicle list containing valuable information about your vehicles like suppliers, color, chassis number, etc. The database provides visibility over vehicles’ classification and maintenance to provide easy access to any kind of data. Moreover, Evreka knows that different businesses have distinct needs to track. Therefore you can have your own configuration with unique fleet management features.

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  • Fleet Tracking

    Evreka’s fleet tracking system lets you access all the data about your vehicles in real-time. With a fleet tracking map, you are able to see your vehicles’ locations, speed, and status, along with the exact time of arrival and source of data. Various icons and colors used for different types of vehicles and their statuses enable you to understand the current situation at a single glance. Besides, GPS tracking and 360-degree visibility can be achieved with specialized activities (i.e., PTO on/off, RFID reader, etc.) on the map or on data-heavy tables to improve fleet performance.

  • Fleet Management Historical Tracking

    It does not matter when you want to see where your vehicles are. With historical tracking, you can always go back in time to replay vehicle trips, get historical tracking data, and all relevant activities -like RFID readings, power take-off, ignition activities- integrated with that vehicle at that time. You can easily see where and when the vehicle has started moving or stopped, how many minutes are spent in a specific region, whether there is any speed limit violation, and so on.

  • Camera & Telematics

    Thanks to a camera or telematics on a vehicle, you can have more context about the actual actions of the fleet. Such integrations and extensions are essential for understanding onboard diagnostics data and achieving comprehensiveness and proof of activities. This way, driver tracking is readily available.

  • Reporting

    To take the best benefit from the cost-savings opportunities, you may need to keep and analyze fleet data. With vehicle details, you can examine all your fleet vehicles in one table to see the data you want and compare between. Vehicle details enable you to monitor:

    Vehicle brands


    Last odometers

    Last hour meters

    Last and next maintenance times

    Purchase times

    Notes, and so on!

    Thus, you can establish the right strategies in essential areas such as fleet risk management, fuel management, fleet maintenance, and fleet costs.

  • Which Pain Points Does Evreka Fleet Management Solve?

    • Gathering proof of activity regarding fines and penalties

    • Unable to track vehicles in real-time or historically

    • Specialized information (i.e., PTO, temperature, engine RPM) and utilization flowing from multiple and disintegrated sources 

    • Not being able to keep track of alerts and geofence entry/exits

    • Non-detectable suspicious occurrences in the field (i.e., frequently visited non-customer sites) that are critical for fleet safety

  • Fleet Management Benefits

    • Keeping historical records of tracking for building trust-worthy information for fines and penalties

    Odometer and hour meter registration to find cost-saving opportunities

    Decreasing fleet maintenance costs by proactive analysis and scheduling

    Enabling vehicle-device integration and connection

    Providing device-based data to enhance data-driven decision making

    Eco friendly and efficient fuel management

    Quality sorting system and driver management regardless of fleet sizes

    Increased fleet safety

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Use cases

Door-to-door waste collection

End-to-end container management

Underground container collection

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Optimize your fleet management operations with customizable all-inclusive solutions!

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We have built a growing collaboration with Evreka through an expansion of its services in 6 cities in less than a year. They supported us at the premium level as well as assisted us every time we encountered difficulties. All updates required were done by EvrekaCrew to respond to our particular needs. Genio journey continues with the clean street application designed with advanced technology for operational excellence.

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What is Fleet Management?

By definition, fleet management is the procurement, control, and maintenance of commercial vehicles, related equipment, driver safety, associated costs, and task fullfilment.

How to Reduce Fleet Management Cost?

There are many methods for cost reduction, from fleet fuel management to driver management or reducing the number of vehicles to changing routes. The main problem is the need for quality fleet management services, which will save you from more significant damage by making these decisions correctly.

Why Fleet Management is Important?

Every day, across the globe, businesses in all sectors need transportation, therefore, commercial vehicles. Efficient management of every detail of the fleet is vital to keep things running smoothly. In addition to optimizing this process quickly and efficiently, the maintenance of vehicles, fleet and driver safety should also be provided economically and carefully.

How Does Fleet Management Work?

The fleet tracking system provides real-time and historical data about all the vehicles’ statuses through a single dashboard and map. Thanks to solutions like GPS, RFID tags, 360-degree visibility, and software and hardware integration, you can have end-to-end solutions that handle all the details about fleet management services.

What are Evreka Fleet Management Advantages?

Both real-time and historical tracking, management, and analysis of the fleet
Cost and time efficiency
Fleet safety
Quality driver management
Proof of fulfillment details
Seamless communication between all the stakeholders
Integrating disparate systems
Maintenance insights and more!

What is Fleet Management Software?

Evreka Fleet Management Software is an agile optimization tool to develop end-to-end solutions on a cloud-based system. You can get efficient results with best-in-industry software by seeing and recording any data, from vehicles’ details to task-specific information.

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