Achieve Scale-to-Sale Technology in Recycling Centers

Recycling best practices require more complex waste management techniques each year. In addition to the new types of waste created due to diversity and speed of consumption, the Earth’s crises also impact the intricacy rate. The things we now have to reintroduce and sell in the markets are quality secondary resources.

As resources and energy become harder to find, recycling and waste-to-energy approaches come into play, and environmental regulations are becoming more comprehensive in all countries. Therefore, companies must also comply with the environment-related legal framework, especially Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), to have well-functioning waste management recycling center. This point is where technology pays off: waste recycling software creates a new value from waste.

Optimize Operations for Profits

Operational efficiency in waste management recycling centers is vital to keep pace with the competitive environment, customer requirements, and volume pressure. Yet, the most distinguishing factor is its environmental impact, such as EP & L. This way, companies can not only act according to their resources for economic profit but also calculates the environmental aspect to protect natural resources.

Evreka assists in eliminating challenges with smart solutions to make the recycling business more agile and efficient. Furthermore, recycling operations respond to different business conditions and opportunities while maximizing back office productivity. Inbound channels or outbound logistics, it does not matter. Evreka’s integrated waste management system supports directors as follows:

• Management on their site, such as contracts and price information of materials
• Tracking of the materials that enter and leave the facility
• Efficient allocation of resources and much more!

Grow Business with ESG Criteria

In today’s conditions, it is not enough to make a profit. Ethical and sustainable techniques pave the way environmental, social, and governance /ESG) criteria. There is no other growing way than high-tech waste management for sustainable resource development. Many features are here for companies to make it easy to take on more volume or expand to new locations, such as:

• Intercompany assistance
• Price management
• Billing settlements

In addition, managing ever-changing capacity constraints will allow you to operate your center more effectively. Collect, sort, purify, scale, and reuse materials from one center!

Avoid Costly Oversights

Evreka’s most special hallmark is advanced tracking options in both real-time and historical data. With the most comprehensive waste management solutions, managers can monitor:
• The status of delivery
• Billing activities
• Requests
• Weights collected
• Charges and more!

So, with the Evreka All-In-One Platform, nothing gets missed with decreased costs. Moreover, it supports complex pricing, self-billing for clients, and matching supply & demand. With Evreka solutions, managers will fully control all vital business data from one place with easy access. Thanks to the quick onboarding time and technical support, data analysis will no longer be tiring. Create metrics that overcome the complexity with visual power!

Data-Lead Decision Making

Understanding your margins leads to a profitable recycling center in all aspects. Evreka provides all the needed data and smart analytics for maximum insights into the whole business through hardware and software solutions in a cloud system. After implementing Evreka solutions, you can gain critical insight into gross margin reports by customers, suppliers, partners, and more.

Boost Customer Loyalty and Retention

Evreka solutions help broad commercial and international accounts with:

• Custom statements
• Sustainability reports
• Shipping history
• Payment access online

The solution leads you to grow customer satisfaction by responding quickly to their requests with seamless communication channels. Besides, the connection between operation platforms and customer channels reinforces the bond with an easier-to-use solution.

  • Key Figures

    • Americans throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour.

    • Recycling a single aluminum can save enough energy to power a TV for three hours.

    • Glass can be recycled and re-manufactured an infinite amount of times and never wear out.

  • E-waste recycling & MRF management

    • Electronic waste (WEEE) or commonly addressed as e-waste, includes all electronic devices that finished their life cycles. E-wastes are generally grouped into 6 different categories. Large equipment such as refrigerators or washing machines, small equipment such as microwaves or irons, lamps, temperature exchange equipment, and screen or monitors. 

    • Electronics contain many scarce and valuable components. Therefore, proper disposal should be implemented in all phases of disposal in order not to lose these valuable parts. Evreka helps companies to dispose of their e-wastes as efficiently as possible.

    • A MRF is a facility where the collected recyclable materials are taken to be sorted into different waste streams. With intelligent Evreka solutions, you will be able to plan your demands, stocks, and prices. Evreka MRF Management solution enables you to manage and analyze data collected from facilities.

  • Metal recycling

    Metal recycling is a process of recovery and processing of scrap metals. Evreka solutions help you achieve operational excellence in metal recycling industry with price management, route optimizations, and contract management. Our high-end solutions eliminate inefficiency in recycling enterprises by digitizing the whole waste management process. Read our blog to learn more about scrap metals and how our solutions can help you manage them.

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  • Paper recycling

    Proper paper collection and conversion process is now possible with Evreka. Our solutions allow you to digitalize your operations by eliminating the manual processes in customer management, price management, and most importantly in employee management. With our all-in-one platform you can manage all these tasks from one single platform and have a comprehensive control over each process. Request a free demo and learn which Evreka solution suits best for your operations.

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  • Plastic recycling

    There is an increasing need for plastic recycling due to high consumption and wrong disposal techniques resulting in a highly competitive recycling sector. We will help you gain a competitive edge while managing a plastic recycling business and eliminate the difficulties in complex recycling process with high-tech solutions. You can digitize every step from inventory and stock management to invoices with latest technologies.

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Discover the latest technologies for recycling center management solutions. Seize new opportunities through the power of the most comprehensive features combined with quick onboarding, usage, and support.


Check out how Evreka reshapes the recycling industry with its eco-friendly solutions

Watch our video on how Evreka supports recycling operations by increasing productivity and efficiency in recycling centers and MRFs. Achieving sustainability by digitizing the whole waste and recycling process is now possible!

Evreka helps us to digitize the entire e-waste collection and treatment process in Singapore. With their solutions, we are able to seamlessly oversee our various collection channels and operations on a single platform. Thanks to Evreka’s high-tech sensors and tracking system, inefficiency and operational costs are minimized, thereby enhancing our capabilities. We have integrated these solutions into our operations with regards to the Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) and have already achieved a significant improvement in performance at each stage. By seizing all the technological advantages provided by Evreka, we aim to be at the forefront of building the smartest cities in the world.

ALBA | Thomas Mattscherodt | Head of Project Management Office


What Is Recycling Center?

Recycling centers are facilities for the last stage of the waste hierarchy. The collected waste is sorted, separated, cleaned, and prepared for recycling in these areas to sell to end-buyers for reintroducing markets.

What is Recycled in the Recycling Center?

What are we consuming? From the materials of the electronic device you read this to the leftovers of your dinner, you can come across every non-hazardous waste at recycling centers. If waste is collected correctly by segregating at its source, everything from plastic to metal to paper can end up in a local recycling center. Yet, medical or hazardous waste becomes suitable for recycling if they can be converted into household waste by sterilization. Moreover, some plastic types are ideal for waste-to-energy practice, not recycling. Beyond these general exceptions, it would be best to consider the regulations of the region where you live for recycling criteria.

How Does Recycling Work?

Crystallizing complex processes into small pieces allows us to solve the problem, as in recycling:

Collection: Use the correct waste bins, track all the assets, and collect them with a data-driven plan with route optimization for efficiency.
Sorting: Plastic, paper, metal, or food arrived at the center separately. However, they must be again processed and sorted for recycling. After many processes, such as sterilization, scaling, and shredding, materials processing is completed. The most important thing here is to put an end to recycling contamination!
Purchasing: Close the loop with recycled products. All this effort is for returning and using quality materials and products to the market. Thus, with the contribution of eco-friendly product design and other regaining principles, the resource crisis will disappear!

How Can We Optimize Recycling?

With all-in-one solutions! With fair-priced and secure recycling center software that you can adapt fast, it will reduce the cost as well as end the complexity. For example, a mobile recycling center involves different specific containers for each waste type. You can have such customized solutions and a smooth system with the guarantee of end-to-end control from inbound to outbound logistics. Everything that happens in the center will be under your control so that you can keep up with the change instantly. The most crucial issue with recycling, contamination, will be removed from your and your customers’ business.

What are Evreka Recycling Management Software Advantages?

Keeping with the legal framework and chain of custody: Adhere to the legislation that encourages recycling and regulates it with strict rules, significantly Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) systems.
Integration of disparate data streams: All historical or real-time data that will be useful to you are stored in a secure center. Thus, comparative reports, calendars, master plans, and instant follow-ups are realized.
Automation: One central Evreka platform, managing interconnected systems, will bring an automation system that can adapt to sudden changes.
Paperless operations: With digital planning, you will get rid of papers and only deal with recycling them.
Operational insights: The clues for the strategies of future operations are hidden in the course of current operations. Track every detail for planning demands and inventory.
Savings: Not just economical, but for social awareness of environmental sustainability, the Evreka recycling center solution is profitable in every aspect. Stakeholder and even citizen communication are possible with Evreka to raise social awareness and quality operations. When you put every activity on a certain line, the costs will start to drop similarly. A pricing engine with an easy-to-use interface is here for you to calculate!

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