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What is sustainability as a service?

Sustainability is one of the key factors to bringing the Earth and all living things to a more livable and healthy world. This concept has changed the way we understand and live life and inevitably has also found a place in business models. So what is sustainability in business?

Sustainability in a business concept is often referred to as sustainability as a service. Combining tangible and intangible elements, sustainability as a service is remarkably comprehensive and inherently complex. It is carried out by integrating three pillars of sustainability, economic, social, and environmental dimensions, in a holistic way, but also by handling them separately and according to different scales. We can consider these pillars in many contexts, from the short-term to the long-term, from individuals to societies, and from the local to the global. 

As a matter of fact, sustainability services include many stakeholders including providers, and customers that aim to offer a valuable outcome and benefit from this complex co-creation network. Various methods, tools, and products especially designed come to the forefront to fulfil customers’ needs without harming their natural and social environment. Put it differently, a concept for a better future is put into practice, and a well-defined sustainable supply chain is created. Its scope is generally in the climate crisis, carbon usage, renewable energy, and waste management.

How to make sustainable achievements with Evreka?

We aim to reshape the global waste management and recycling industry by developing a modern waste management system that will entirely solve the waste problem in the world. To do this, we are trying to develop our business strategies according to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues to meet the need for an eco-friendly approach and sustainable resource development for a better future. Our end-to-end, cutting-edge, and integrated software and hardware products are used in more than 20 countries to reduce carbon emissions and create new sources of waste. 

Our sustainability as a service methods provide transparency, active communication, real-time data, and traceability for many stakeholders, partners, and customers, making it easier than ever to offer sustainable investment. The primary goal is to deal with the world’s limited resources with an approach that reduces the effects of the climate crisis. Hence, we want to form new sources from waste by saying the circular economy is the key to sustainable development. We contribute to developing closed-loop systems by obtaining maximum value from all materials from packaging to the products themselves through regaining, reusing, and recycling. So what are we doing to develop circular economy and sustainability strategies for the smart and green globe?

Drive new successes and transform your business by leveraging our software technology, innovation, best practices and benchmarks; and to develop sustainability strategies, reduce costs, and increase stewardship.

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  • Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

    Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is an integral tool for sustainable development and circular economy growth policies. Focusing on the life cycle of products, EPR holds producers, manufacturers, retailers, and importers accountable for the disposal and treatment of post-consumer products. However, companies receive support from Producer Responsibility Organizations (PROs) because they have difficulties carrying out EPR’s legal and administrative transactions. 

    Evreka’s all-in-one EPR solution facilitates everything from following government regulations to post-consumer take back to waste segregation and recycling. Thus, PROs achieve seamless operation flow. Thanks to applications such as Engagement and the MRF Management Module, producers, PROs, and consumers can follow everything related to EPR and experience an efficient recycling process by monitoring the same information sources.

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  • Chain of Custody

    Striving for sustainable development is also challenging because it is necessary to act under many new and strictly followed regulations and procedures. For this, it is essential to know all the assets, absorb legal obligations, and reduce the administrative workload by keeping the process to a certain standard. That is, you must act following the chain of custody.

    Luckily, Evreka’s comprehensive modules reduce the administrative workload immensely. Thus, not only will you achieve advantageous pricing and transparent invoices, but you will remove question marks in your mind about legal bindings. Moreover, all stakeholders can view the entire process. Hence, the complexity of sustainability services is minimized with the integration of seamless asset management and enterprise resource planning (ERP).

  • Zero Carbon Targets

    We see digital and modern waste management solutions as one of a larger framework’s most critical constructive parts. Therefore, our prior goal is to regain the waste in the most environmentally friendly and energy-efficient way, prevent climate crisis, and obtain sustainable secondary resources. One of the most important ways to avoid the climate crisis is to create carbon-neutral economies starting today by reducing carbon emissions in all areas. Proudly, we are making significant progress in this regard every day! 

    Thanks to the routes optimized with mobile apps and hardware solutions integrated with Evreka’s Operations Management and Fleet Management modules, carbon emissions decreased by even more than 22 million kilograms in 2021. Fuel, time, machinery, and cost savings have supported sustainable development’s motto of more production and service with fewer resources. We facilitate our partners and stakeholders not only in waste management operations, but also in carrying out their activities in a way that will prevent the irreparable effects of the climate crisis and support staying below the 1.5ºC limit.

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  • New Resources from Waste

    Sustainable development promises an equal, healthy, and quality life for everyone with the circular economy model, which prioritizes respect for nature and aims to rebalance production and consumption. On the other hand, the circular economy aims to save energy, protect natural resources, and reduce pollution by creating secondary resources by recovering all kinds of product materials. Therefore, it is based on the circulation of everything used for production, rather than the usual take-make-waste linear line. The result can be a new product, raw material, or energy recovery. But whatever the outcome, it is thanks to smart and efficient waste management! 

  • Circular economy with Evreka

    From the eco-friendly design to the sustainable packaging, supply chain, and recovery stage, Evreka’s all-in-one solution brings all stakeholders together. With the vision of sustainability as a service, we handle all aspects of the waste problem. Through cooperation with all stakeholders, including waste generators, processors, recyclers, brand owners, and regulators, we believe achieving transformations to create a better world is not impossible.

    Evreka Crew digitizes the processes to obtain sustainable resources and is already prepared for the future of the recycling industry. In short, Evreka will be your biggest supporter during the circular economy transition and sustainability services!

    Circular economy transition is now easier with Evreka!