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Vehicle RFID reader is a part of EvrekaSmart Waste Collection & City Cleaning solutions. It comprises a high-performance RFID reader with an integrated antenna and enduring tags. The solution can be installed in any form of waste containers. 

The high-performance RFID reader allows you to track waste management trucks and control task fulfillment in the smart waste management process. With vehicle RFID reader, it is easy to control the location of vehicles and assets, identify task realization, and automatically detect significant incidents. Vehicle RFID reader is designed and built by the desire to offer long-distance identification, fast reading speed, high accuracy rate, anti-interference ability, good protection performance, and easy installation. 

RFID technology provides users with multiple opportunities by utilizing remarkable features such as effortless installation, durable tags for waste management trucks, location tracking, performance control, and notification via SMS and email. 

Evreka’s solutions let you reap benefits that will grow your business. With our RFID system, not only read tags but also completed tasks and location data are automatically transferred to Evreka servers via Evreka Navigation Panel or vehicle gateway. Thereby, managers can control all live data collected through the Evreka dashboard at any time from anywhere. Furthermore, it is possible to set alarms by utilizing the web-based system and inform users about important incidents detected including uncompleted tasks and location changes.

With high-tech geofencing and our experts happy to assist, monitoring fleets and achieving operational excellence are super easy!

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