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Route optimization for waste management is finding the most efficient tour for visiting multiple locations and performing duties for maximum level.

Evreka Route Optimization Software will optimize your routes, allowing you to maximize your profits.

The basic logic of route optimization for waste management is quite simple: Ensuring that you reach the target destination in the most cost-efficient and safe way. Hence, while reducing operational costs and time, you also reduce carbon emissions and environmental damage. However, operations are not that simple. You should get the right data stream from the fields and communicate quickly with the stakeholders while controlling all the assets, fleets, and employees. Luckily, Evreka’s best-in-industry waste management route optimization software is your most extensive help!

Evreka Route Optimization Module provides autonomy and increased operational efficiency via optimized routes. This advanced route optimization software for waste management optimization solution considers:

• Vehicle capacities
• Visit schedules
• Task sequences
• Visiting time intervals
• Restricted areas and so on!

Also, you can get instant notifications/alerts according to your special events. Once you have advanced route planning, every single activity occurs just as you desire without any intervention. Moreover, Evreka Route Optimization Software for waste collection enables easy creation of route plans, thanks to innovative area and route management solutions.

  • The Base of Productivity: Capacitated Route Optimization

    Capacitated vehicle route optimization solves a real-life constrained problem. This way, drivers are assigned to individual vehicles considering their waste amount and capacity to keep the total travel distance as minimum as possible. In addition, waste route optimization makes multiple trips to a disposal area in a single route. Track all your vehicles in real-time via connected devices, assign routes, and get notifications in case of emergencies with an all-in-one platform!

  • Maximization of Profits: Multi-Vehicle Route Optimization

    Multi-vehicle route optimization solution gives excellent efficiency by answering this pain point: How to visit numerous locations with multiple vehicles? This feature finds tours for all defined numbers of vehicles for your fleet. From start to end at the depot, drivers visit each point exactly once. Accordingly, the operation cost of stopping all locations is optimized and minimized.

  • Waste Management Route Optimization Master Plan

    The master plan route optimization solution results in daily plans and routines for your route and vehicle needs within the specified time. It helps you with resource planning and scheduling through numbers and other vehicle details. Alongside efficient resource allocation, this feature creates routes according to the alarms from the field. Hence, you have a structure in which costs are optimized by assigning appropriate vehicles.

  • Thriving Fleet: Container Rental Optimization

    Also called roll-on roll-off vehicle routing, vehicles move large containers, bins, or skips between locations and a disposal facility. Due to the large width of containers, a vehicle can only transport a few containers, at most one full container at a time. Evreka Route Optimization Software is the way to overcome this obstacle. Container rental optimization features can optimize all daily roll-on and roll-off stops by leveraging the waste industry’s most potent tools.

  • Street Level Route Optimization

    With Evreka solutions, street sweeping route optimization solution digitizes operations of sweeping up and removal of dust and dirt from streets with a mechanical sweeper. This solution allows users to manage routing operations at a detailed street level. Both on web application and Evreka’s mobile solution, optimized routes can be tracked and tasks to be completed.

  • Which Pain Points Does Evreka Route Optimization Software Solve?

    • Trackability issues

    • Multiple address route planning

    • Absence of detailed and digital collection schedules

    • Heavy activity burden

    • Lack of user-friendly approach

    • Scarcity of efficient planning and resource allocation

    • Chaos due to numerous information sources

    • Transparency and communication problems

  • Evreka Route Optimization for Waste Management Benefits

    • Dispatch all jobs together or break up by region

    • Organize by number of trucks or time per route

    • Reduce ‘dead-head’ time

    • Optimize by materials, disposal site time, time windows

    • Maximum productivity

    • Faster service times

    • Reduced fuel costs

    • Decreased cognitive burden

    • Less planning effort

Use cases

Door-to-door waste collection

End-to-end container management

Underground container collection

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For excellent waste management Evreka’s “Route Optimization” solution is for you.

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What is Route Optimization?

In its shortest definition, waste route optimization allows finding the most cost-efficient way to a destination. Also, waste management route optimization is eco-friendly and customer-oriented. The point not to be overlooked is the great but hidden effort to find a fitting route. Route planning must include various parameters, such as the number and location of all addresses, time windows, and vehicles’ capacities.

How to Reduce Route Optimization Cost?

While allowing you to find the most efficient routes, waste route optimization evaluates many parameters to grow ROI. Therefore, the operational components are also costed at the lowest possible expense as follows:

• Decreased fuel usage
• Reduced distance and travel time
• Minimized “dead-head” time
• Possible decrease in vehicle numbers
• Raised customer and citizen retention
• Lower maintenance costs
• Resource utilization and so on!

Why Route Optimization for Waste Management is Important?

Transportation, the backbone of nearly all sectors, can be the most time-consuming part of the daily operations required for waste management. You can think about the waste of time created by unnecessary visits to the containers on your street. Route optimization for waste management determines the containers that need to be collected data-driven and the route to be taken within a plan. Like this, you can improve the operations with the knowledge of:

• Reconfiguration of vehicles
• Decreased distance options
• Efficiency per kilometer

Waste Management Solution Route Optimization, How Does It Work?

It allows you to create optimization and inner standards by considering many parameters, such as vehicle capacity, drivers, and budget, while performing tasks. So you can create a base plan based on data from many sources that can flex according to changes. The multi-source cloud system, designed by a combination of hardware and software, allows you to multitask seamlessly. Multi-vehicle and multi-address solutions are customizable for any container and use case.

What are Evreka Route Optimization Management Advantages?

• Options of dispatching all jobs together or regional divide
• Capacitated vehicle and task assignment for top efficiency
• Multi-vehicle planning
• Master plan for correct allocation of resources
• Container/Dumpster rental optimization
• Street level optimization with a mechanical sweeper
• Organization by number of vehicles or time per route
• Minimized “dead-head” time
• Maximized productivity
• Faster service times
• Time, cost, fuel, and energy savings
• Decreased cognitive burden and planning time
• Optimization by materials, disposal site time, time windows, and more!

Evreka solutions have been used for more than 3500 vehicles in every region from the USA to Singapore throughout 2021. This way, the distance gained has exceeded 11 million kilometers and the reduced carbon emissions have exceeded 22 million kilograms. Contact Evreka today for your low-cost and sustainable growth goals!

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