Dumpster Rental

Digitize your dumpster rental operations under one roof with the distinctive Evreka cloud system.

Dumpster rental software, also known as waste container rental solution, container tracking, equipment tracking, or skip hire, is renting containers to store large-sized waste emerging from certain operations, such as construction.

Dumpsters can be at landfills or demolition areas, but you can run operations as if they were right before you. For this, Evreka provides an end-to-end solution to manage everything from order receipt to delivery digitally. Thus, you can easily automize pick-up and drop-off operations with savings!

Eliminate Paperwork to Save Thousands of Dollars Per Year

A dynamic and flexible dumpster rental software solution is essential to keep up with the ever-changing customer needs and diverse markets. Consider the dozens of stakeholders and variables involved in operations. There are so many factors managers need to control as dumpster rental business owners:

• Sales
• Inventory
• Accounting
• Employees
• Customer service agents and more!

Then, consider doing all these things manually, with an order sheet alongside a personnel book and accounting sheet. Hundreds of paperwork, lengthy planning processes, and painful communication lines wait for you. Storage and tracking data should not be this troublesome. Who wouldn’t want to get rid of paperwork with a single digital center which will never lose any information? Luckily, Evreka automates everything for dumpster rental businesses that is useful in any device.

Track Your Inventory Fast and Provident

With the help of the excellent Evreka Dumpster Rental Solution, managers can diminish their workload by tracking assets with instant data. Advanced inventory control ensures you always have a digital plan and can change it if necessary. Based on data, it is now straightforward to store every inventory detail, from specific features to maintenance time. Never be caught off guard and completely control your dumpster rental operations!

Data-Driven Delivery for Customer Loyalty

The dumpster rental delivery process can be tricky due to many must-haves to check, such as:

• Size and availability
• Which dumpster is on the field
• Which one is waiting on the depot
• Maintenance schedule and so on.

Moreover, different recording and display systems are needed across variant cases. Fortunately, Evreka designed different recording types:

• QR
• Pictures
• Signature
• Weight and more!

The comprehensive dumpster rental system leads companies to extend customer satisfaction with fast communication. Similarly, the link between operation platforms and customer channels supports the bond with an easier-to-use solution with quick onboarding. But how? Let’s look at in-depth features!

  • Source of Needed Data: Evreka Dumpster Rental Software

    The Evreka All-In-One Platform handles all customer details and skips hired during dumpster rental operations. With just a few keystrokes, personnel can locate any information-giving better information and speedier processes. 

    The seamless integration between Asset Management and Operations Management makes it easier to manage pick-ups, drop-offs, and swaps. You can also support the improved operations with historical data and instant tracking of Inventory details. Knowing and tracking everything about dumpsters has never been easier!

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  • Evreka Dumpster Tracking Software for Superior Experience

    Customer experience management (CXM) is also strengthened thanks to the closest link with the customers and dumpster rental operations. Evreka Dumpster Rental Management Software offers not just dumpster data but also an entity database that empowers all participants’ communication.

    So, just like in the business integration process, it becomes easier for new clients to receive effective service. The customer record is automatically retrieved: 

    • Managers can enter all the order details. 

    • Then, when the customer takes the call with the next order. Done!

    Evreka’s customer management solution can also collect customer requests. Simpler processes and performance gains lead to high cost, energy, and time savings.

  • Boost Efficiency: Specific Pricing of Dumpster Rental Software

    Evreka Dumpster Rental Software covers the hiring cycle, especially financial ones: 

    • Calling

    • Identifying returning customers 

    • Checking and comparing previous orders

    • Making the reservation

    • Assigning drivers

    • Printing delivery tickets & collection notes

    • Trade/credit customer invoices

    • Credit control

    • Simplifying collections & exchanges. 

    Specific pricing may include tonnage charges, automatic time-waiting charges, and management permits. You won’t miss any orders with fair pricing and transparency with Evreka!

  • What Are Evreka Dumpster Rental Software Benefits?

    • Real-time inventory control in terms of numbers, status, and locations regardless of the number of assets

    • Automation for inventory enumeration and status updates

    • Customized proof of delivery with alternatives like RFID tags, QR codes, before/after pictures, signatures, or any others

    • Time, cost, and energy-efficient system for nearly every use case

    • Flexible Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 

  • What Are Evreka Dumpster Rental Software Benefits?

    • Digitizing whole processes for total control over one single center 

    • Real-time and historical data kept in a secure center

    • Specified pricing operations with an easy-to-use interface

    • Organizing demands and stocks skillfully

    • Stopping trackability problem 

    • Fast onboarding time and technical support

    • Growing customer satisfaction and retention rates

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Evreka helps us to digitize the entire e-waste collection and treatment process in Singapore. With their solutions, we are able to seamlessly oversee our various collection channels and operations on a single platform. Thanks to Evreka’s high-tech sensors and tracking system, inefficiency and operational costs are minimized, thereby enhancing our capabilities.


Handle your dumpster rental operations on one readily system by real-time tracking. Save high costs and time while ensuring more customer satisfaction.

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What is Dumpster Rental?

Certain operations like construction result in lots of waste in merely one zone. Consequently, you have lots of trash, from demolition waste to dirt. A dumpster rental, or skip hire, is the most reasonable solution! It is renting waste containers for desired rubbish removal from storage to disposal. Skip bins have different sizes and shapes for distinct situations, for example:

• Construction and demolition
• Renovation
• Rearranging offices and houses
• Garden waste
• Emptying a home and more.

You can choose a dumpster rental solution for any large waste disposal cases.

Who is Dumpster Rental Software For?

Dumpster tracking or container rental software can be valuable for any big waste collection operation, including individual usage. On the other hand, its most loyal users are fleets with roll-off containers, dumpsters, and waste haulers. Likewise, all businesses and organizations benefit from it, but mostly these kinds profit its advantages:

• Waste management companies
• Fleets and field services for recycling
• Asset/Dumpster rental companies
• Inventory management services

How Does Dumpster Rental Software Work?

For dumpster rental, a company has three main points: Assets, operations, and customers. So, Evreka Dumpster Software integrates all in a cloud system with excellent communication channels and data-lead planning. But how?

• When a new dumpster rental request arrives, you must know the asset number, location, and status. Evreka’s Dumpster Rental Tracking Software lets you track assets and inventory in real-time by integrating Operations Management and Asset Management modules.
• After deciding which assets to rent out, the digital planning stage begins. With Evreka, delivery operations happen with route optimization and savings.
• Moreover, following the chain of custody and managing legislative documentation are nearly automized for you and your customer.
• All stakeholders can see the operation info under one roof.
• After renting out the dumpster, you can send proof of service via the Field Work App with many options like RFID tags or QR codes.
• Then, you are able to plan smart pricing for each of your customers with the customizable billing system.
• Last but not least, after renting out, you can update your inventory status effortlessly.

What are Evreka Dumpster Tracking Software Advantages?

Advanced and Real-Time Inventory Management: Inventory is like a heart for dumpster rental. The inventory check, maintenance, plan inclusion, and update processes proceed flawlessly, thanks to transparent data and end-to-end control. Full control over your assets is not a dream with Evreka!
Customized Proof of Delivery: For higher customer satisfaction, Evreka system offers customized proof of delivery. This way, you can monitor task fulfillment by RFID tags, QR codes, before/after pictures, signatures, or any other option.
Digitized System in a Single Center: To achieve total control, we can integrate all needed data streams in one center for transparency and straightforward operations. Real-time and historical data meet in a secure data center.
Fast Onboarding and Technical Support: We have easy UI/UX design on modules and apps and dynamic technical support where you can get quick answers to your questions. So, you can skillfully integrate the business model into this system and increase the dumpster service software quality by including new customers in the process most effectively.
Higher Customer Satisfaction and Retention: Combining an end-to-end system and painless use with a transparent and speedy system, Evreka also eradicates the trackability problem for customers. Better service, more loyalty, and retention!

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