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  • How it works

    Waste container rental is the process of renting waste containers to store large-sized waste emerging from certain operations like renovations, construction, etc. Evreka provides an end-to-end solution to digitally manage everything from order receipt to delivery. The process of delivery could be tricky. You need to check for the size and availability. You need to know which one is on the field, which one is waiting on the depot or under maintenance. Now, all of the statuses can be managed based on your needs. Through the seamless integration between Asset Management and Operations Management, it is easier to manage pick-ups, drop-offs, and swaps. On top of it, now you can specialize how you would like to record your deliveries. RFID? QR? Manual operations? Would you like a picture on top of those? Or a signature? Maybe weight? They have never been easier.

  • Benefits

    ‣ Do you get lost while tracking your inventories due to a high number of assets? Well, from now on, Dumpster Rental Solution will ease this process with real-time inventory control! You will be able to track data on how much inventory you own, where these inventories exist, and the status of inventories such as “on the field, in transit, damaged, returned, rejected, or on hold”.

    ‣ Another pain points our customers face is inventory updates. Inventory enumeration and status updates are open for human error. Therefore, Evreka prevents human error and increases the efficiency of the operation by automating the process.

    ‣ For higher customer satisfaction, proof of delivery plays a big role. But don’t worry, Dumpster Rental Solution got your back! With customized proof of delivery, you can monitor task fulfillments by RFID tags, QR codes, before/after pictures, signatures, or any other option that you prefer.

  • How to use it

    Evreka has many solutions that can help you digitize your whole waste management process. Integration of solutions is very easy and you can control them all in one platform. Let’s take you on a quick demo.

    As a dumpster rental company, you have 3 main points to consider. Assets, operations, and customers. Dumpster Rental solution integrates all of these components. For example, consider you have a new request for dumpster rental but you are not sure how many assets you have, where they are (in use or in storage), or are they broken or not. With the help of the Dumpster Rental solution, you will be able to track your assets and inventory in real-time. After deciding which assets to rent out, you have to plan your operation. With our solution, you can optimize routes for delivery and manage legislative documentations both for you and your customer. After renting out the dumpster, you can send proof of service via Captain App, plan smart pricing for each of your customers, and manage the billing process. Dumpster Rental solution lets you have seamless communication with your customers and aims to leave them satisfied with the process. And last but not least, after renting out your assets, you can update your inventory effortlessly. Now you can enjoy your day and wait for another request.

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Evreka helps us to digitize the entire e-waste collection and treatment process in Singapore. With their solutions, we are able to seamlessly oversee our various collection channels and operations on a single platform. Thanks to Evreka’s high-tech sensors and tracking system, inefficiency and operational costs are minimized, thereby enhancing our capabilities.


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