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Engagement consists of all the activities for customer-facing operations from order receipt to invoice.

Engagement, as an interface for all stakeholders, provides a safe environment to exchange any form of information, from order receipt to invoice, build relationships with them, and in return create loyalty and retention. Engagement is the platform to keep all data regarding stakeholders like suppliers, customers, citizens, recyclers, and many more: names, addresses, tax numbers, or competence certificates. Through seamless integration with operational activities, Engagement enables transparent progress tracking for all parties at the desired level of detail. 

Evreka provides an end-to-end solution to manage the complex processes digitally from order receipt to invoice calculation. All of these processes need to be managed in harmony and in a digital way. While operators conduct the processes to collect waste, recover materials, or rent containers, Engagement, as a series of integrated services, provides mobility and transparency for the customers as well. Evreka Engagement Module helps you to achieve a great amount of efficiency by utilizing the perfect combination of software solutions and seamless integrations with any third-party application.

  • Entity Database

    Entity database is an interactive and intelligent contact list containing valuable information about your stakeholders like suppliers, customers, citizens, recyclers, or producers. The database provides visibility over stakeholders’ ordering behavior, classification, and easy access to any kind of information.

  • Order Management

    The days of carrying loads of paper, both in-cab and back at the office, are over with a digital order management system. This module is fully digitizing order management workflows from both call centers and the field. With real-time data and infinitely many options to configure your way of order registration and receipt, both documents and processes are digitized and reinforced.

  • Pricing Engine

    The pricing engine allows you to record and share accurate prices with your customers anytime, anywhere. It helps you to manage prices centrally and harmonize pricing across all channels. On top of it, financial coefficients like market share are already among the capabilities of the pricing engine to facilitate extended producer responsibility (EPR) practices as producer responsibility organizations (PROs).

  • Transparent Communication

    Evreka Engagement Module can help by synchronizing customer interactions between business units. It acts as a customer lifecycle record system. Businesses with this module can monitor, automate, analyze, and optimize customer experiences and bring transparency to both parties. 

  • Reporting

    With Evreka solutions, via our reporting tool, all the details present in the Evreka Engagement module are turned into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights. On our informative reports dashboard, you can see the summary of your data with attractive visualizations, filter the datasets, customize the dashboard, and export your data.  

  • Which pain points does Evreka solve?

    • Inaccurate communication with customers

    • Coordination between teams 

    • The cognitive burden on workers and human errors

    • Inefficient and complex reporting from different data streams

    • Inability to report progress to customers

  • Benefits

    • Reduced traffic to your call center

    • Increased customer satisfaction

    • Management support & extensive reporting

    • Improved strategic decision-making processes

    • Create, edit and deploy customized metrics from one central location

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