Medical Waste

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Medical Waste Disposal and Management

Medical waste is a type of solid waste formed during disease diagnosis, treatment, and immunization. Main medical waste types are as follows:

• Sharps
• Pharmaceuticals
• Human fluids
• Bandages
• Gloves
• Tissue
• Radiotherapy liquid
• Chemical materials

It’s possible to give several examples and different names for medical waste. Yet, they have a common point. We must follow carefully to prevent their harm through toxic ingredients, especially for biomedical waste disposal. It’s up to us to break the cycle where healing tools can threaten our health.

Although the medical waste collection is done via separate bins such as a biomedical waste box, it was treated like other waste types until recently. Fortunately, we realized that this medical waste disposal system was spreading diseases. There must be a new medical waste approach!

What Happens to Medical Waste?

The medical waste industry is a highly regulated market for service providers. Disease-spreading conditions may occur if all types of medical waste are not disposed of under chain of custody principles. Thus, regulated medical waste is the first step of proper disposal of medical waste with special precautions. So, the real question is this, how can anyone dispose of medical waste depending on the region and following strict rules?

The answer lies in one of the best waste management software in the medical waste management market. That is, Evreka medical waste management software! Evreka medical waste software includes powerful features to ensure safe medical waste disposal and compliance with varying regulations. Ultimately, Evreka medical waste operation software adds a whole new dimension to monitoring the medical waste collection and stream.

Real-Time Tracking for Safe Medical Waste Operations

The customized medical waste tracking software from Evreka lets its users know where 100% of their medical waste is. With this medical waste collection software, customers should ensure that all operations pursue the biomedical waste regulations. Yet, the work does not end here!

Evreka medical waste management system covers the entire process, from collecting medical waste containers to treatment and recycling. One of the best medical waste disposal companies, Evreka provides innovative technology and eco-friendly solutions by integrating cutting-edge devices and unique medical waste disposal software. Overall, you can drive an efficient and cost-effective medical waste management solution with Evreka!

Improve management capabilities with customized medical waste management solutions.


We rarely encounter the analytics and the level of detail which Evreka provides on the undertaking of donation box operations. Thanks to Evreka, we have been managing the collection of donation boxes more efficiently through total time and distance reduction needed for the collection of donation boxes. Evreka has assisted us in managing the process of collection to create a more efficient system for society’s own sake. Evreka SaaS system made us notice a rare exception like the robbery of donations with a very smart solution that exceeds our expectations.

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  • Medical Waste Management In Accordance With International Regulations

    Evreka provides modular solutions as per customer requirements with the best practices for medical waste handling. Keeping local, state, federal, and international regulations can be challenging. Luckily, with real-time medical waste data and operational insights, you can get everything you need. Evreka creates affordable and secure programs for collection and disposal of medical waste. In light of regulatory developments, keeping medical waste customers up to date is easy as evolving towards sustainability.

  • Full Tracking of Medical Waste Stream

    The most important thing about medical waste disposal is not to miss any detail. The fact that many regulations, especially The US Medical Waste Tracking Act, are made worldwide is proof of this. Evreka medical waste management software lets you track all parameters in the cycle. The most comprehensive tracking system makes precise monitoring and recording of medical waste treatment processes possible. This way, you can ensure compliance with various regulations and build internal standards.

  • Go Paperless With The Power of Cloud System

    Now, you can go paperless via direct billing with Evreka medical waste management systems! The online record-keeping system helps you stay with all directives of the EPA, DOT, and Joint Commission. All archives are stored indefinitely. This way, customers can view:

    • Collection manifests

    • Account history

    • Service schedules and more with a secure online portal!

    Thus, while managing the medical waste stream with a safe and data-driven efficiency, you will keep all data in a secure center. Paperwork will be minimized, and all information will be accessible and transparent at any time.


What is Medical Waste?

Medical waste is formed at healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, blood banks, veterinary clinics, physicians’ offices, dentists, as well as laboratories. Generally, medical waste may be contaminated by infectious materials like body fluids or blood. There are many terms to describe this broad type of waste, such as:

• Biohazardous Waste
• Regulated Medical Waste (RMW)
• Biomedical Waste
• Clinical Waste
• Infectious Medical Waste
• Healthcare Waste

There is only one distinction between general healthcare waste and hazardous medical waste. According to the WHO, biohazardous waste is contaminated materials like:
• Fluids
• Human tissue
Other non-contaminated equipment is general healthcare waste, from animal tissue to healthcare facilities’ kitchen waste.

What Are Medical Waste Types?

We can give a brief about broad-based medical waste types based on the WHO’s categorization.

• Pathological Waste: Organs, fluids, human tissues, contaminated animal carcasses
• Sharps Waste: Needles, blades, syringes, etc.
• Pharmaceutical Waste: Expired, contaminated, or unuseful vaccines and drugs
• Infectious Waste: Contaminated waste with blood and other bodily fluids, cultures, and stocks of infectious agents from labs, or waste from patients with infections
• Chemical Waste: Lab preparatory tools, disinfectants, and heavy metals in medical devices and their batteries
• Radioactive Waste: Contaminated products with radionuclides
• Cytotoxic Waste: Substances with genotoxic properties, such as cytotoxic drugs
• Non-Hazardous/General Waste: Materials with no biological, chemical, radioactive or physical hazard.

Where Does Medical Waste Go?

Strict and changing rules determine the structure of medical waste treatment and disposal stages, regardless of where to dispose of medical waste. Yet, there is one common step, sterilization for safety. Waste that is impossible to recycle, like needles, must still become non-hazardous before disposal. The logic is to convert medical waste to solid waste with sterilization and then treat it with advanced landfill technologies or recycling. But, how to dispose of medical waste?

• Steam sterilization, like a medical autoclave, is a standard method.
• Thermal treatment like microwaving is similar.
• Electropyrolysis
• Chemical mechanical systems
• Enzymes and chemicals for some chemical waste and biomedical waste management

Nevertheless, you can choose between on-site medical waste treatment or off-site medical waste treatment according to the business size.

What are Evreka Medical Management Advantages?

• Cost, time, and energy-efficient medical waste management services
• Safe operations
• Real-time data for 7/24 tracking
• Historical operation records
• Decreased managerial time spent by half
• Paperless and digital activities
• Sustainable medical waste operations against rapidly rising prices
• Seamless communication between all stakeholders
• Customizable solutions for a variety of use cases
• End-to-end and cloud-based techniques for complying with chain of custody

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