Evreka360 Platform

Digital solutions for waste, recycling and route management
Turn waste into the capital with Evreka360, an all-in-one sustainability cloud service always by your side. From dispatching to invoices, digital planning and documentation are open in a single center. Transparent field insights guide the relevant people with all channels, WEB or mobile. While hardware agnostic enriches operations, it also completes the inventory control management system. Most notably, Evreka360 delivers inclusive communication to elevate operations with the unusually fast onboarding process through user-friendly UX/UI. Take a step with feasible high tech to construct value through sustainable ecosystems.
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Software Solutions

Waste Management for EPR and PRO

Evreka's end-to-end digital solutions make the EPR process easier than ever before. Read more for the distinguishing features of the most efficient EPR solution!

  • Transparency and traceability in PRO operations
  • Easy progress payment calculations for producers
  • Comprehensive process control
  • Specialized interfaces for PROs and producers
  • Real-time insights
  • Customizable reports

Hardware Solutions

Modular & Scaleable Platform
Quick Implementation Process
ROI - Friendly
NO - Brainer
Easy Integration

Evreka all-in-one platform

Evreka360 is a high tech waste management service where unique solutions for each waste hierarchy step come together. As a practical member of cloud technology solutions for high tech industry, it plans each function from task dispatching to invoicing in a single center with real-time and historical data. By setting green waste management technology to work against garbage, such questions end up:

  • When and where do you need to perform a service?
  • Which of your customers is in demand the most?
  • How long is your average response time?
  • How many hours does your vehicle run per day?
  • How many tasks do you complete daily?
  • Where are the areas for improvement in the waste management process?

Evreka360 allows authorities to create a task with automatic assigning options. Correct resource allocation for many cases leads operational efficiency to increase and costs decline.

Go Further The Regular Waste Wanagement Customer Service

Beyond these, it is an enterprise cloud communications platform to improve user experience with an uninterrupted data flow. Before the operations, we start by making sure of the payment and exact customer details. Order management software features on call centers or Customer Portal lets customers address their orders. Allowing customers to monitor the field every moment strengthens future business with insights and manageable documentation. Besides, all these data can be a source of evidence!

Superior Inventory Management and Control Techniques

Thanks to the seamless transition between whole Evreka modules and all-accessible channels, an organization’s heart stays strong: Inventory control and management. The possibility of running out of stock is eliminated by the checks made according to the following indicators and inventory-related actions:

  • Types
  • Statuses
  • Mostly used areas
  • Maintenance needs
  • Service levels
  • Access numbers
  • Transactions
  • RFID readings

The most unique aspect of boosting the customer and operations relationship is the possibility of offline working, report export, E2E tracking&trace, and internet access together with an exceptional scope of inclusiveness. Facilitating business integrations, Evreka360 offers vivid visual communication and detailed map views for customization and easy configuration with quick onboarding and flexible templates. Overall, it reflects the model needed by the circular and solidarity economy.

Evreka sets an example for sustainable resource development, working with leading companies from the US to Singapore in more than 20 countries. Combining our solutions becomes part of the struggle to reduce the irreversible effects of the climate crisis by decreasing carbon emissions. Our product family not only evolves with clients but also for clients. Use cutting-edge technology to achieve a cleaner world based on a circular thought.