Use Cases

Evreka Use Cases

Bulk Material Handling from / to Customers

Transport, sort, store, control, and manage your bulk materials with unique solutions. Be a pioneer in the sector through efficient material recovery.

Metal Collection & Recycling

Deal with increasing prices with scrap metal collection and recycling system. Gain the vision of creating new resources from waste to seize new opportunities.

B2C Field Services

Manage your comprehensive B2C field service operations with Evreka's all-inclusive solutions. Reduce risk and increase quality with real-time operational insights.

Underground Container Collection

Go over the edge with Evreka’s smart solutions for underground container collection. Achieve efficiency by managing containers with all-inclusive solutions.

Discrete Material Handling from / to Customers

Maximize customer satisfaction while complying with strict chain of custody obligations with real-time tracking. Seize the unlimited opportunities of digitized waste management with Evreka.

End-to-End Waste Container Management

Reach maximum productivity through end-to-end management with total control and sustainable methods. Manage everything from order receipt to delivery digitally

Door-to-Door Waste Collection

Achieve maximum productivity with real-time operation insights to streamline the daily door-to-door collection system. Converge all data into one system and access structured data from disparate streams.