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Industrial metal prices are increasing rapidly, just like other commodities after the pandemic. However, what distinguishes metal is that this increase is unprecedented and not likely to stop. The pre-pandemic price of industrial metal has traded between $500 and $800. In July 2021, it increased to 1800 by 200%!

Many reasons cause this increase, mainly supply-side factors and the pains of the green economy transition. As the linear production continues, we will fall into similar situations in this era of crises, where new problems are constantly arising. Therefore, we should consider the neglected outputs of industrial production, scrap metal.

Collecting scrap metal with the correct methods, at the right time, and in the proper channel will lead you to the circular model to accelerate the supply with greener waste services. Also, you need to sort and categorize bulk material. For these gains, an end-to-end metal collection and recycling software is needed to plan every moment in the recycling center with agile optimization, correct resource use, and logistics in detail. Evreka’s all-in-one solution will provide you with all you need for business transformation. Grow your business with smart solutions and be a pioneer in the expanding global market.

  • How does it work?

    Metal recycling’s first step is the material receipt to the facility. For this purpose, suppliers create orders through the Customer Portal. If it requires a pick-up from their location, this order instantly drops before the authorized people for turning into a task. After completion or arrival of supplier for drop-off, the inbound operator of MRF registers the inbound by weighing gross and tare weights, respectively. Then, the materials are registered and inventory is accumulated.

    Throughout the whole process, managers and suppliers can follow order statuses and volume of transactions to ensure transparency. When the recycling is completed, the outbound operators create the transaction records for the recipient customers. Either via delivery operations or depot pick-up activities, the end products are provided to the customers. At any stage, invoices can be prepared as well, if necessary, for any party. Plus, through digitization of the operations, the system manager evaluates the process by examining the metrics and reports generated with real-time data.

Deal with the ever-increasing prices with the best-in-industry collection and recycling scrap metal system. Gaining the vision of creating new resources from waste is key to seizing new opportunities.

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