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Materials Recovery Facility Management is the pile of efforts to manage all your operations, from recording vast volumes of inbound materials to planning complex outbound streams.

MRF Management provides the capability of managing every material flowing around the facility, controlling and planning processes for the recovery operations, and getting your inventory levels under control.

The waste and recycling connection is much more critical for humanity’s future than you think; it is a door of opportunity. The Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) is in direct contact with recyclable materials and is critical for them to be processed. Thus, MRF in waste management takes up an enormous area.

What is a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF)?

For end-buyers to sell, Material Recovery Facilities (MRF) receive, separate, and prepare all the materials. Throughout this story, there are lots of fundamental processes and thousands of little details. So, the MRF waste management relationship must be crowned with proper control. After all, it is the area where the journey of turning waste back into a resource begins. Materials Recovery Facility Management is associated with:

• Resources (like workforce, machines, place, etc.)
• Processes (like transformation, sorting, etc.)
• Technology (integrated systems, machines, efficiency, etc.)
Managing all these elements constitutes “MRF management.”

Discover the Best Offer to Rank Among the Prominent

Evreka provides an end-to-end solution to managing operations in harmony. Herein lies our difference, Evreka solution for waste materials recovery facilities aligns the workplace with the workers. Thus, many programs are available to assist facility managers in supervising daily operations. The field of facility management extends, and vendors can choose from various platforms to better meet their needs. While operators conduct the processes to recover the materials, managers can monitor the key performance indicators (KPIs) and operations. Evreka MRF Management Module helps you achieve great efficiency by utilizing the perfect combination of software solutions and seamless integrations with hardware. In short, Evreka MRF Management Software:

• Handle facilities and equipment
• Streamline the work order
• Reduce maintenance costs

Most importantly, this system is adaptable to almost any use case to decrease unnecessary complexity and feature bloat. Develop your materials recovery facility management strategy with the full efficiency opportunities of Evreka smart waste management platform from today!

  • Decreased Energy Costs

    Thanks to the waste management MRF relationship, companies will empirically re-evaluate their energy efficiency and define areas for waste reduction. MRF Management Software’s reporting dashboards provide: 

    • Comprehensive analysis of energy usage

    • Distribution of resources

    • Time per job to point out organizational inefficiencies

  • The Essence of Entire Operations: Inventory Tracking

    Stock management solution offers you extensive control over your inventory details up and down. You can get details about inventory levels in any operation step, such as incoming to the transfer station, on the process, or finished products. Effective using of resources has never been easier! Besides, you can get:

    • Advanced monitoring capability

    • A bird’s eye view of inventory

    • A transparent dashboard that supports reasonable business decisions guiding your process management

  • Dashboard View of Managerial Responsibility

    The robust Evreka MRF Management Software maximizes asset lifetime and, in effect, reduces ownership costs. Developing a rigid schedule of asset upkeep ensures that assets perform at their peak while maintaining a smooth schedule of operations and employee safety. Both users and managers can access tracking options and detailed reports. With this data, while users can determine the cost and replacement times, managers identify the most qualified employees for specific assignments.

  • Boost Productivity: Strategic Process Management

    Evreka All-In-One Platform organizes the quality of an organization’s financial, production, and labor resources. A comprehensive planning opportunity prevents bottlenecks or unplanned irregularities within your flow. Moreover, users can: 

    • Communicate with a range of workers, from trained staff to different job positions

    • Monitor work schedules for potential decision-making

    • Assess ongoing maintenance needs and preserve current properties

    From beginning to end, process planning guides you to agile optimization for materials recovery facilities.

  • Key Result: High-Quality Material Flow Management

    In the MRF environment, every single activity occurs because of the material flow. From inbounding the materials to the outbound generates the whole story of materials in the factory, including transactions. Also, Evreka MRF Management Software allows you to use produced data from the flow of interconnected steps to interpret insights for seamless improvement.

  • Maximized Inbound/Outbound Control

    In MRF, inbound and outbound management is one of the cornerstones. Having valuable information about traffic control activities helps to make necessary arrangements. It’s vital to have:

    • Inspection and registration of incoming materials 

    • Recording information on outgoing materials 

    With Evreka MRF Management Software, you can have valuable information about the materials’ amount, quality, and source. Moreover, you can manage reservation processes with the help of insights.

  • For the Next Step: Materials Recovery Facility Management Reporting

    Organizations should design an efficacious reporting, analytics, and information delivery framework to control a comprehensive management platform. With Evreka solutions, exporting the data in the system to create value is accurate. What’s more, you can obtain thorough discernment with materials recovery facility management.

  • Which Pain Points Does Evreka MRF Management Solve?

    • Inspection and registration of incoming and outgoing materials 

    • Demand visibility and tracking capability for outgoing parts

    • The cognitive burden on workers and human errors

    • Inefficient and complex reporting from different data streams

    • Real-time inventory tracking

  • Evreka MRF Management Benefits

    • Visibility of inventory levels

    • Data gathering from material flow

    • Accurate tracking of dead loss of materials

    • Improved inventory management

    • Automation and scalability of internal processes

    • All this in a mobile app

Use cases

Discrete material handling

End-to-end container management

Underground container collection

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What is MRF Management in Waste Management?

A materials recovery facility (MRF), a materials reclamation facility or materials recycling facility, is a plant where recyclable solid wastes are separated and prepared to be sold to end-buyers. Thus it is at the center of the new style of recycling and waste management efforts.

Why is MRF Management Important?

MRFs help us to lower the waste stream, the need for raw materials, and pollution during production operations. The MRF waste management connection seems to have a share in everything that will save the planet by solving the waste problem! The waste must be sorted and prepared correctly for an efficient recycling process and turning back into resources. Properly managed waste in Dirty MRF and Clean MRF lays the foundation for a circular economy. This way, we can save natural resources, reducing consumption and carbon emissions in clean ways.

What is Software MRF Waste Management?

MRF Management Software enables to digitally monitor every detail in the facilities where the collected wastes are sorted, separated, and prepared for end-buyers. Maximizing efficiency and planning the necessary changes and strategies guarantees to keep up with every situation and provide a high level of service.

How Does MRF Management Software Work?

MRF Management Software digitally harmonizes all components in the waste materials recovery facility. Thus, errors related to material flow are minimized, from receiving and registering the materials to making them ready for end-buyers. Office and technicians’ communication is firmly established with the dashboard and mobile app. While operators conduct the material recovery processes, managers can monitor the key performance indicators (KPIs). Operations are optimized with necessary adjustments and strategies thanks to simultaneous monitoring and operational insights.

What are Evreka Materials Recovery Facility Management Advantages?

Evreka Materials Facility Software combines all MRF management solutions, the striking star of its product range. This way, you can get:

• Advanced inventory management
• Top inbound/outbound control
• Seamless communication in the facilities and with stakeholders
• Real-time data from material flow
• Accurate tracking of dead loss of materials
• Automation and scalability of internal processes
• Most important of all, these features can be compatible with any use case!

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