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Workforce Management

Workforce Management is the bundle of digital efforts to keep track of employees, their roles & skills.

Workforce Management provides real-time workforce tracking, management, and analysis to increase planning and cost-efficiency.

Seamless integration of specially designed workforce tracker, Evreka CaptainApp, and All-In-One Evreka Platform enable executives to manage their human resources comprehensively. For example, the executives can view employee weekly leave and working days easily and digitally with seamless communication and workforce analytics. Thanks to workforce solutions, tasks can be assigned to the correct employee at the right time. Best of all, managers can reach the most accurate planning regarding H&S, time & attendance, and shift schedule.

With the most up-to-date information, managers can track their employees’ attendance and location by minimizing paperwork and manual procedures! By keeping track of tasks’ statuses or intervening promptly, authorities can prevent any problems with service quality to ensure customer satisfaction. Also, since one eye is always on the employees, you can react quickly when any safety problem arises.

According to instant notifications from the field, managers can take sudden actions for incidents and get quick results. Moreover, managers are provided with a detailed report on driver behavior. Among the things you can see for workforce optimization solutions:

• How much gasoline do vehicles spend on average
• How much time do drivers spend on the break
• Whether drivers follow the route
• How many tasks do drivers perform
• How they comply with the traffic rules
• Health and safety status and so on!

Overall, employee performance is measured and evaluated according to the management’s performance criteria through workforce management software. Besides, all data is stored and reported for the performance comparisons between employees retrospectively. If you’re keen to boost your performance, consider Evreka Workforce Solutions, the best-integrated part of your solid waste management, medical waste management, and much more!

  • Secure Database

    Workforce development solutions supply you with all employee and task status data. Thus, the center-back office-field connection is established and standardized with a database based on current information, while cooperation and coordination begin to run smoothly. You can efficiently optimize the operations and make the required modifications thanks to the historical data you store safely and the real-time data you obtain with the cloud-based system.

  • Ensure Employee Safety and Productivity

    Workforce management companies are often concerned with how you can track and control employees, but increasing productivity and keeping them safe are different and much more important issues. Evreka Workforce Management module gives you more than real-time tracking of employees. Thanks to the fast notification system, you have the chance to warn and protect employees in any kind of emergency. Growing and interactive communication enable teams to coordinate to promote total efficiency.

  • Critical to Workforce Optimization: Digital Planning

    You can achieve data-driven insights into the human dimension of operations through advanced workforce solutions with integrated and end-to-end systems. You can establish the right strategies by considering many factors digitally, such as fuel, task time, distance traveled, breaks, and route, in a comprehensive and interrelated way. The reward for increasing employee performance will be improving the customer experience.

  • Which Pain Points Does Evreka Workforce Management Solve?

    • Unable to track employees in real-time or historically

    • Specialized information flows of numerous sources 

    • Lack of alerts and geofence entry/exits

    • Non-detectable suspicious occurrences in the field

    • Paperwork and administrative workload

    • Absence of coordination

  • Evreka Workforce Management Benefits

    • Transparent database including both historical and real-time data

    • Real-time monitoring of employees

    • Integration of disparate data streams

    • Digital planning for reducing manual operations and paperwork

    • Increased employee safety and productivity

    • Expanded productivity and intra-team coordination despite decreased management time spent

    • Better customer experience

    • Overall, sustainable, cost, energy, and time-efficient waste management services

Use cases

Door-to-door waste collection

Underground container collection

Discrete material handling

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What is a Workforce Management?

Workforce Management (WFM) is a company’s integrated set of techniques for workforce optimization and the productivity of its employees. A workforce management system can include many duties, from task monitoring to measuring metrics distributed according to various scales.

Why is Workforce Management Important?

Aligning the employees with the business goals, and doing so with strategies based on data and metrics, is vital for productivity. Beyond the cost-effectiveness advantage, you can establish sustainable business models from every angle by increasing employee engagement and productivity. Proper following, evaluating, and promoting human capital will grow your business quality and help you make better business decisions by clearly seeing what you actually need.

What is Software Workforce Management?

Getting help from software for workforce management decisions will make your job surprisingly easier. Because workforce management software facilitates employees’ motivation, productivity, and operational excellence with insights about everyone and every team. It allows you to reach the required format by viewing a task’s execution time, structure, goal, and dozens of other details.

How Does Evreka Workforce Management Software Work?

Thanks to its flawless hardware-software combination, Evreka Workforce Management Software allows the collection of information about employees and tasks in a single-center for managing as if in the field. Thus, the field-central-back office connection is established seamlessly and agile optimization is ensured. Overall, the right human resources strategies are established with customizable metrics and simplified management.

What are Evreka Workforce Management Advantages?

Total digitalization of tracking, executing, and evaluating the tasks and employees
• Increasing safety in both employees and data
• Boosting efficiency
• Better customer experience
• Digital contracts

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