Advantages of Asset Tracking in Waste Management Industry

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Advantages of Asset Tracking in waste management

Asset tracking is a way of monitoring physical assets either by scanning barcode labels or by using GPS or RFID. An example of scanning barcode labels could be scanning QR codes with smartphones or barcode readers in order to detect the location or track the movement. GPS or RFID is about broadcasting and receiving signals. RFID is a short-distance solution, whereas GPS could be tracked globally.

Why would a company want to know the location of its assets? From waste generation to disposal, there are many processes involved in waste management. One of the most critical parts of these processes is managing the containers. Containers are the stop points for garbage trucks. It is essential to find the most efficient route for picking up those containers. It decreases costs and saves the operational time spent. Not to mention, it helps to reduce carbon footprint and help companies achieve their green goals. Additionally, comprehensive solutions are the most commonly preferred practices of smart waste management.

Asset tracking could also be used in inventory management and paired up with other solutions. Stocks can be tracked instantly, and future inventory planning could be optimized easily. Optimizing stock planning helps companies increase customer satisfaction by eliminating possible stock-out situations. Putting inventory data into report form becomes more comfortable, too!

To increase efficiency even more, detailed solutions are at companies’ disposal. Tracking locations is good. But, monitoring the container fill-level, and temperature while tracking the location in real-time via smart bin is even better. It helps companies prevent overflows and losses due to fire.

Since waste bins across the city fill up at different frequencies, it is necessary to get detailed current status data of all the containers. With smart sensors being attached to smart bins, IoT comes into play. Smart sensors send the data to the cloud. It enables managers to get real-time insights and AI-supported recommendations to make consequential decisions. Collecting data is tactical, but analyzing data is strategicical.

With these data-driven smart solutions, companies can decide on whether to implement a specific strategy by measuring its effectiveness or understand the root cause of a particular problem. Smart waste management technologies support decision-making processes and ensure operational excellence.

Many companies have been using asset tracking for many years. It is amongst the main factors leading to a successful business. Some of the reasons that companies implement asset tracking technologies to their operations,

  • Reduce the total managerial time spent,
  • Prevent overflows or losses to increase customer satisfaction,
  • Track your assets to prevent them from being damaged or misplaced,
  • Organize stock planning and anticipate upcoming schedules,
  • Increase the control over assets in detail.

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