The Most Comprehensive Recycling and Waste Management Platform for Circular Economy

All-in-one waste management and recycling systems for sustainability goals

As a leading smart waste management company worldwide, we provide customizable solutions for the entire waste management steps with the Sustainability as a Service vision. Solving the waste crisis end-to-end, we are always by your side in turning waste into a new value for circular economy growth with operational excellence.

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Testimonials Greenjobs

At GreenJobs we strive to make the world a better place through responsible waste management practices. The team at Evreka helped us to build a unique platform which has taken our company to the next level. It allowed GreenJobs to not only streamline our operations, but has further provided us with valuable management tools. From managing in field assets, tracking and managing our fleet & improving operations to streamlining our billing and going paperless. The Evreka platform has been an invaluable tool that has provided us with critical data which enabled us to make informed business decisions. Working with the team at Evreka has proven to be a pleasant experience. Evreka truly has become an asset in our business and we look forward to continuing with and further growing our collaboration.

Lourens Nienaber National Sales & Western Cape Regional Manager

Testimonials Reinis N.V.

Since the first contact was made, discussions with Evreka have been professional and pleasant. We both share the same desire to achieve circularity in the supply chain and create new sources from waste for a better environment. Change, of course, comes from within. From Reinis we started looking for a partner who could not only support us now, but also in the future and guide us in realizing our main objectives; simple processing of usable data so that we can offer more transparency to our residents and shareholders. Efficient communication with our drivers, an up-to-date, fully functioning SaaS application. In the coming period we will jointly develop new functionalities. This has given new meaning to the word partnership.

Albert Bijzitter the ICT Project Leader
Reinis N.V. home page

Testimonials Oscar Circulair

At Oscar Circulair, we are always looking for ways to innovate and improve our waste management practices. We are delighted to partner with Evreka, a company that shares our commitment to sustainability and circularity. With their advanced technology and knowledge, we can work together to develop new solutions that will help us achieve our goals and build a cleaner, social, zero waste future.

Remco Wagemakers Director
Oscar home page

Testimonials ALBA

Evreka helps us to digitize the entire e-waste collection and treatment process in Singapore. With their solutions, we are able to seamlessly oversee our various collection channels and operations on a single platform. Thanks to Evreka’s high-tech sensors and tracking system, inefficiency and operational costs are minimized, thereby enhancing our capabilities. We have integrated these solutions into our operations with regards to the Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) and have already achieved a significant improvement in performance at each stage. By seizing all the technological advantages provided by Evreka, we aim to be at the forefront of building the smartest cities in the world.

Thomas Mattscherodt Head of Project Management Office

Testimonials Averda

Evreka’s team helped create a uniquely tailored solution that meets all of Averda operational needs. The team achieved this by showing great flexibility throughout each phase of the project, from idea conception, design, implementation, to production support; enabling us to meet critical milestones.

Solid Waste Management Company

Testimonials Genio

We have built a growing collaboration with Evreka through an expansion of its services in 6 cities in less than a year. They supported us at the premium level as well as assisted us every time we encountered difficulties. All updates required were done by EvrekaCrew to respond to our particular needs. Genio journey continues with the clean street application designed with advanced technology for operational excellence.

Bar Portal CEO