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A leading SaaS company, providing the most comprehensive intelligent solution designed for the entire category of waste management across the globe. Evreka is aiming to reshape the waste management business by delivering end-to-end solutions and cutting-edge products, as well as guaranteeing operational excellence.

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    Testimonials Averda

    Evreka’s team helped create a uniquely tailored solution that meets all of Averda operational needs. The team achieved this by showing great flexibility throughout each phase of the project, from idea conception, design, implementation, to production support; enabling us to meet critical milestones.

    Solid Waste Management Company

    Testimonials Genio

    We have built a growing collaboration with Evreka through an expansion of its services in 6 cities in less than a year. They supported us at the premium level as well as assisted us every time we encountered difficulties. All updates required were done by EvrekaCrew to respond to our particular needs. Genio journey continues with the clean street application designed with advanced technology for operational excellence.

    Bar Portal CEO

    Testimonials Turkish Red Crescent

    We rarely encounter the analytics and the level of detail which Evreka provides on the undertaking of donation box operations. Thanks to Evreka, as we Turkish Red Crescent have been managing the collection of donation boxes more efficiently through total time and distance reduction needed for the collection of donation boxes. Evreka has assisted us in managing the process of collection to create a more efficient system for society’s own sake. Evreka SaaS system made us notice a rare exception like the robbery of donations with a very smart solution that exceeds our expectations.

    Humanitarian Association
    waste collection report

    Testimonials Mezitli Municipality

    With Evreka, we digitized our waste management process. Tracking our fleet and operations is now easier. With Evreka, we can regularly receive clear and short reports for daily or certain periods and easily evaluate our processes. In addition, we record every step of our operations effortlessly. The success of Evreka comes from the fact that the actual work and conditions in the field are compatible with the logic of the software. A two-way instant communication chain between management and employees has been established. Evreka’s solutions help Mezitli Municipality take firm steps towards its goal of becoming a smart city.

    Mehmet Şükrü Güneş Head of Cleaning Services
    waste collection

    Testimonials Inegol Municipality

    We gained total control over our entire operations thanks to Evreka’s smart solutions for Waste Management to Inegol Cleaning Services. Through the detailed reports presented by Evreka, we assessed our processes well, identified our issues, and started deploying the most sustainable solutions.

    Serdar Zorluer Chief of Cleaning Services

    Testimonials Municipality of Nevşehir

    We visited each container one by one and wasted a lot of time. Thanks to Evreka’s smart waste management solution, we can perform more operations in half the time we used to.

    Cleaning Services