Smart bin sensors

For sustainable waste management operations

Explore how Evreka can maximize your profit and efficiency with intelligent software and hardware solutions.

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  • Maximize operational efficiency with all-inclusive solutions

    Smart bin sensors maximize operational efficiency by making asset management more effortless than ever before. Also, smart sensor technology enables companies to manage waste in detailed plans and decrease environmental and economic adverse outcomes. But how? As a Sustainability as a Service company, Evreka provides the most comprehensive solution for waste management bins to satisfy customer needs while sustaining the environment. Let’s look closer to learn these excellent solutions.

  • Enjoy the most comprehensive waste management system

    Evreka provides the most comprehensive solution to manage waste with IoT-enabled smart sensor systems, RFID bin tags, and intelligent software solutions for smart trash bins. With Evreka’s high-tech solutions, you can design the best tracking strategy and get the opportunity of maintaining complete control over waste containers and asset status.

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  • Discover unique opportunities with smart bin technologies

    Achieve efficiency and productivity with smart bin solutions. Install wireless container fill level monitoring sensor easily to any waste bin using our sheet metal mounting brackets. By integrating with our other software and hardware solutions, you can achieve comprehensive control over your waste operations via one single platform. The unique features will help you to manage operations:

    • Resistance to water and impact

    • Remote software updates (FOTA / firmware over the air)

    • Sensor configuration can be changed remotely. (Data gathering rate etc.)

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  • Benefits

    • Optimize waste operations while helping the environment and sustainability

    • Track the fill level, temperature, movement, and location of containers with a waste management sensor

    • Plan your resources to achieve complete efficiency

    • Deal with overflows and loss of waste containers by utilizing cutting-edge sensors

    • Receive notifications and real-time alerts

    • Achieve route optimization and better productivity

    • Track task fulfillment and evaluate SLAs

    • Overall, cost, time, and energy-efficient waste operations

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Evreka helps us to digitize the entire e-waste collection and treatment process in Singapore. With their solutions, we are able to seamlessly oversee our various collection channels and operations on a single platform. Thanks to Evreka’s high-tech sensors and tracking system, inefficiency and operational costs are minimized, thereby enhancing our capabilities. We have integrated these solutions into our operations with regards to the Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) and have already achieved a significant improvement in performance at each stage. By seizing all the technological advantages provided by Evreka, we aim to be at the forefront of building the smartest cities in the world.

ALBA | Thomas Mattscherodt | Head of Project Management Office

The smart bin sensor revolutionizes waste management by embedding waste bin fill-level sensors in them. Contact us today for more info about the waste management recycling bins to ensure productivity via route optimization and asset management!

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