Ultrasonic Sensors in Waste Management

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The population of cities is expanding day by day. The amount of waste produced increases in direct proportion to this situation. This case makes the development of sustainable solutions for city life a requirement, already. Just a few examples of placing demands on future cities like:

Because of that, the efficient use and responsible handling of resources become more and more important, too. Therefore, Solid Waste Management has become an important requirement for environmental problems and sustainable development in many countries. 

What Is The Significance of Advanced Waste Management?

One of the principal concerns with our environment has been waste management which affects the health and environment of our society. The management and detection of waste are one of the primary problems of the current era. The traditional way of manually monitoring the wastes in waste bins is a cumbersome process. It utilizes more human effort, cost, and time which can easily be prevented with our existing technologies.

A random and illegal discharge of waste, an absence of waste disposal and management systems, and inefficient waste management policies have caused serious environmental problems and have incurred considerable costs for waste disposal.

These trends are the reason for the development of smart city concepts, intended to improve the situation in urban areas, by using innovative technologies. The “internet of things” (IoT) presents new opportunities for making cities smarter. Efficient resource planning, for instance, can help to measure which can be used for all kinds of containers. Intelligent and adaptable automation solutions are the basis for such approaches.

Filling level measurement with ultrasonic sensors

The ultrasonic sensor is on the list of most leading devices in the IoT platform. Evreka Fill Level Sensor detects the level based on ultrasonic technology. A robust sensor is placed in waste bins & containers and measures the fill level, no matter what has been deposited inside. This technology is qualified for reliability and intelligence. Consequently, it automatically adapts to changing surfaces and different kinds of waste.

Regularly, measured data and sensor information are transmitted to the cloud via the mobile communication network. The filling level sensor is implemented with a SIM card. The advantage of it is existing telecommunication networks can be used for data transmission.

How Does The Fill Level Sensor Work?

Evreka Fill Level Sensor embeds various sensors in its ultra-durable casing. A long-range ultrasonic transducer is used to measure fullness levels. This data together with temperature and motion sensors are fused, allowing the cloud platform to detect important incidents such as (unauthorized) container location changes, fire, or sudden movements.

Why Is It Important?

By introducing smart waste management solutions, cities have taken a key step towards becoming smart cities. The targeted waste collection saves time, money, and fuel while decreasing gas emissions and noise levels for citizens. 

With the Smart Ultrasonic Sensor, it is aimed to create a more livable, smart, and clean city. Thanks to this goal, the contribution is made to the globally applied waste separation systems, the environment, and recycling.

The level of planning in waste collection processes is optimized with the waste collection solutions used. Thanks to planned waste collection, it is ensured that resources are efficiently planned by minimizing the damage to the environment and the workforce effort of the personnel. On the other hand, preventing carbon emissions makes us look at a more livable future with hope.

If you want to explore more about smart sensors and many other high-tech smart solutions in detail, take a look at our one-pagers and case studies!


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