High-tech waste management solutions for smart cities

Make your waste management operations easier, profitable, and efficient with intelligent solutions!

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  • All-inclusive solutions for smart cities

    Due to the rapidly increasing waste and consumption frenzy, the global garbage crisis has grown. We need to address and solve this crisis from a different perspective. These innovations should take action in the cities first to spread attention. When high-tech is combined with social and individual awareness, efficient smart waste management solutions and smart cities emerge. For a smart and green globe, benefit from Evreka’s best-in-industry hardware and software solution!

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  • Increase citizen satisfaction

    Evreka offers high-tech products for waste management in smart cities. With the help of these solutions, you will be able to achieve customer and citizen satisfaction through efficient and effective operations. You can notify task completions with RFID, QR, signature, or before/after pictures and respond to requests as quickly as possible via the All-in-one platform. Achieve seamless communication with citizens and make your operations more profitable!

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  • Route optimization for efficient waste management

    Manage your fleet effortlessly with Evreka Fleet Management solution. Using integrated solutions, you can:

    • Track all your vehicles

    • Assign new routes

    • Control task completion

    • Get real-time notifications on the issues in the field to take action as quickly as possible with the All-in-one platform 

    • Ease your communication with drivers via mobile application where they can view their tasks and assigned routes

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  • Manage your assets with intelligent solutions

    Track your assets with integrated hardware solutions. Monitor your assets’ location, temperature, and fulness level with fill level sensors and assign new tasks according to these parameters. Control inventory and current stock, decrease asset loss by tracking the state of your assets, and take fast action if an emergency occurs.

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  • Benefits

    • Smart waste management solutions based on cloud systems and IoT algorithms

    • Opportunity to invest in the circular economy and sustainable development

    • Decreasing carbon emission amount

    • Minimizing environmental damage caused by waste operations

    • Effective and interactive communication with citizens

    • To achieve cleaner and greener cities

    • Route optimization to safety and efficiency

    • Cost, time, and energy-efficient, sustainable, and customizable solutions

    • Ensuring agile optimization by integrating disparate systems

    • Flexible enterprise resource planning (ERP)

    • Increasing social and social awareness easily

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Make your city smarter with smart solutions! Check out Evreka’s IoT-based waste management solutions and become one of the pioneers in the waste industry. Contact us today to find out how integrated waste management solutions for smart cities will quickly help you become more efficient and profitable!

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