How Citizens Participate in Smart Waste Management?

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How Citizens Participate in Smart Waste Management-EVREKA-BLOG

Technology is helping us to improve all of our operations everyday. In recent years, IoT technology has become more crucial and eases our daily processes. Nowadays a lot of individuals, companies and governments are increasingly investing in IoT developments in order to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations. For sure, one of the areas that these IoT developments have occurred is smart waste management.

Municipal Solid Waste

Outdated waste management solutions give hard times to local governments. For this reason, a lot of municipalities are investing in smart waste management solutions in order to control the municipal solid waste problems. But, what is exactly the meaning of municipal solid waste? Well, the answer of this question lies in all the products that are used by millions of people. Everyday, in order to sustain our living all of us use many different products which end as leftovers after the usage in our garbages. 

smart waste management

If you try to imagine now the total amount of solid waste that you produce and then multiply it with millions of people, you will understand how serious this problem is. Thereby all governments are realizing the need of smart waste management solutions and investing in these ones. However, do you think the effort of only municipalities is enough to achieve a better world for all of us?

Many municipalities are realizing the need of the participation of their citizens in these processes. The municipalities show a lot of environment to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their processes, yet it is not enough for a perfect management. The citizens are the ones who are seeing the problems in their neighborhood or around their work etc. first. Thereby, they should be the ones who are reporting these problems immediately to authorities.

Citizen Applications

Citizen apps are encouraging the participation of citizens in smart waste management processes. Firstly, the app allows citizens to report any problem easily to authorities and help authorities to detect the problems and take actions efficiently. By these apps authorities can receive all requests and complaints of the citizens regarding waste management. They can do changes and adapt these changes easily to current situations in order to sustain citizens’ satisfaction and cleaner environment.

smart waste management

Without the digitalization of this complaint-making process there might be a lot of paperwork and this means more time and more effort to solve one problem which is decreasing the efficiency. By these apps, authorities can directly see all complaints in one digitized platform and after track and record this information easily. Moreover, after they offer solutions, they can also track feedback efficiently.

In addition to all the features mentioned above, these apps allow citizens to monitor garbage containers and get directions to a selected bin. This technology utilizes RFID and GPRS technology at one platform and it is user-friendly. Thereby they will use an interactive map according to their trash type. The citizens can keep track of the containers that are full or nearly full and they can help reduce overflowing and messy bins. After this, they can find the bins that are near to them and not full according to their waste type. Also, they can find the shortest route to this container. Furthermore, if they realize any problem about the container they can directly report it.

smart waste management

Imagine everyone is using this app and helping the waste management processes! All the waste management programs will become more efficient and effective which will save our environment from bad effects. This is all of our responsibility, if all of us contribute we can achieve a better world for all! 


As Evreka we are supporting digital based solutions in waste management programs for our environment. We know how important it is to receive citizen’s support in waste management processes in order to have more effective tracking. For this reason, in our software solutions we are providing a citizen management solution that is based on advanced technology as the smart cities and our environment need. 

We believe that we can create a better world if everyone takes a step based on digitized solutions for our world. That is why we are supporting municipalities and companies in their waste management processes that are encouraging the citizen partnership. 

You can see our blogs about citizen apps for more information. If you want to take a step for a better world with the help of citizens contact us!


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