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Citizen Management

Explore the endless opportunities of intelligent citizen management!

How We Help

Evreka CleanCity Platform is customized to support citizen’s role and encourage their participation in smart waste management and city cleaning operations. Citizens can monitor the garbage containers and dumpsters in the city, and get directions to a selected bin. They can observe the collection days anytime and request a new service quickly. Moreover, they can report any inconvenience and see the status of their requests.

Authorities can see the requests and complaints arriving from citizens on a single screen. Owing to central management, they can manage all requests and complaints as well as optimize garbage truck routing so that they adapt the operations in accordance with customer needs. Providing a better service will make customers more satisfied and cities more cleaned.

Besides, seamless communication between the authorities and the citizens can be achieved. With the digital order management module, orders coming from the call centers and the field can be digitized. With real-time data and operation monitoring, both documents and processes are digitized and reinforced. There will be no more carrying loads of paper!

Managers can control and customize SLAs using the Evreka SLA management module, set up separate agreements, and run reports to keep track of them. It assists in evaluating efficiency, tracking issues, checking goals, response times, avoiding missed collections, and more!

What We Provide

Evreka’s unique Citizen Management system covers the complete citizen relations of your business. You can understand your citizen’s needs and expectations better, improve your service quality, and, ultimately, ensure absolute citizen satisfaction. 

With a digitized communication system and our experts happy to help, collaborating with citizens is quite simple

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