Go Green With Sustainable Cloud Technology

advantages of adopting cloud technology,

Cloud technology is an innovative way of operating your businesses. It enables users to share their resources like storage, files, and information on their devices with the help of networks. The advantages of adopting cloud technology are countless, especially if you are searching for a more cost-efficient solution. This way, you can:

  • Prevent unnecessary energy usage.
  • Decrease the carbon footprint.
  • Bring a new perspective to sustainable business practices. 

If you want to decrease your operation cost, improve your project management and become more sustainable in your business, cloud technology might be what you are looking for!

5 Advantages of Adopting Cloud Technology

As mentioned before, cloud technology has various advantages.

  • Let’s benefit the environment! By using cloud technology, businesses reduce a significant amount of carbon emissions. This reduction helps prevent climate crises thus, benefiting the environment.
  • Cost efficiency is achievable with cloud technology. Most companies purchase costly outside hardware and software sources for their businesses. However, the cloud provides many of these attributes within its structure. It disables the need for an external source by presenting an all-in-one solution.
  • Efficient data usage is a significant benefit of the cloud. There is limitless storage space in the cloud you can store, share, back up and use your data how it best fits your operations. Also, the cloud prevents data loss which can be a disastrous event for the business.
  • Higher utilization! When a company acquires its own hardware, this leads to a low utilized decision. Instead, most companies share their hardware and boost utilization thanks to the cloud.
  • The cloud provides flexibility! All teams and professionals can work and share information simultaneously without being in the same office. It’s ample flexibility for business and a faster way to get the job done.
advantages of adopting cloud technology,

Sustainable Waste Management with Cloud Technology

Sustainable business practices are prevalent nowadays, and one of the best appliers of this technology is the waste management sector. Traditional waste management requires labor power and massive manual work. In the long run, this is infeasible, but it’s very costly. 

Cloud technology is one of the global sustainable solutions that has revolutionized the waste industry. The advantages of adopting cloud technology in waste management can be categorized under three headers: innovative, low-cost friendly, and more sustainable. 

For example, cloud technology helps decrease e-waste a company is producing. When a company adopts cloud technology, the need for large amounts of hardware decreases because most of the jobs of that hardware will be transferred to the cloud.

Asset Management with Cloud Technology

A popular technology in innovative waste management is asset control with high-tech sensors. Evreka’s intelligent sensors are a clever use of cloud technology. They bring asset management to a brand new level. The sensors transfer the information through a virtual environment into the manager’s computers, all thanks to the cloud. This technology:

  • Decreases incidents by warning the managers
  • Helps track asset locations,
  • Transfers information on fullness rates. 

Dumpster Tracking Software with Cloud Technology

Dumpster tracking or skip-hire tracking software also revolutionized the waste management world. Evreka’s Dumpster rental software brings dumpster operations above the cloud. It is impressive how the dumpster tracking software matches one of the global sustainable solutions.

Evreka creates a brand new environment for dumpster operations by integrating Asset Management Software and Operations Management Software. With the all-in-one platform, operation managers can:

  • Manage pick-ups, drop-offs, and swaps.
  • Track their real-time inventory without any delay.
  • Easily get updated on inventory enumeration and status updates.
  • Monitor tasks with RFID tags/ Qr codes/ before and after pictures etc.

It is impressive to see what cloud technology brings to the table. Using cloud based technology is not only better for your business but also the future of the world.

If you have any further questions or want to gain more information about cloud tech and waste management, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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