Bin Sensors: Revolutionize Your Waste Management for the Better

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Bin Sensors: Revolutionize Your Waste Management For The Better

What is a smart waste bin?

Waste bins are one of the key elements in your business’s waste management process. And these waste bins need to be efficient for the success of your waste management process. Today, you can revolutionize the waste management of your business with smart waste bins. In the most basic terms, smart waste bins are bins with smart sensors that notify and inform you about the fullness or the necessity of discharge. With the features of information on your waste bins, you can easily improve your waste management process in the most efficient way.

Furthermore, the number of people residing in cities is increasing drastically with each passing day. With that, the need for smart waste bins at every corner is also growing exponentially. Due to this immense rise in waste production, many developed and under-developed countries alike are having difficulty managing the millions of tons of garbage their citizens produce each year. Thanks to the revolutionary bin sensor technology, however, this no longer has to be the case. With the help of bin sensors, you can bring your waste collection process under control!

Why use smart waste bin sensors?

In the traditional method of waste collection, a garbage truck follows a predetermined route around the city to collect the trash, regardless of its fullness levels. But by doing so, this garbage truck costs its company a lot more money than necessary. The driver spends hours each day stopping and collecting half-full containers. Their unnecessary ventures throughout the city cause excess fuel consumption -and higher greenhouse-gas emissions as a result. This may end up in the company needing more trucks and manpower to complete the mission at hand. 

Another consequence of improper waste management is that since the drivers are not aware of the fullness levels of the waste containers, they have to stop at each and every container they are assigned to. This may lead to them spending too much time -in traffic or while collecting the trash- on half-filled containers that they may not get to pick up the ones that are actually in need of attention. In this case, the full containers may overflow and pollute the streets (in terms of visual and water pollution). This would be very dangerous for the people as well as the animals that live there.

Why use bin sensors?

How do smart waste bin sensors work?

Then, there’s the question: how do bin sensors work?

In the simplest definition, bin sensors work in the way that they are located in your waste bins. After that, these smart bin sensors notify and inform you and your waste truck drivers about the fullness also the necessity of discharge of this waste bin. It is both efficient and effortless to manage your assets!

With sensor-based waste management, the waste truck driver of your business would be able to monitor which waste container is full and which one is not, thus be able to create an optimized route for their garbage truck drivers. This would allow them to reduce the unnecessary time, fuel, manpower, truck, and all other resources they waste while going to unfilled containers.

Furthermore, because the truck drivers can now know which container is in more urgent need of collecting, they can go there and eliminate the possibility of the garbage spilling onto the streets; hence preventing pollution caused by improper waste management before it even begins. If you want to revolutionize your fleet management efficiently then, here is the answer! 

A solution to a common problem: How to solve missed bin problem ?

And also, there is the issue of missed bins in the waste management industry. Sometimes, the waste bins that belong to your business became missed. The reasons behind the missed bins are diversifying. For instance, sometimes, people in the neighbourhood take your waste bins and put them somewhere else. In that kind of problem, it is very useful for you to solve missed bin problems with smart bin sensors.

These smart bin sensors that are located inside of your waste bins will provide you with the information of in which location your missed waste bins are. With the radio-frequency identification system (RFID) tracking the location of your assets is effortless! You can even monitor the movement of your waste bins with smart bin sensors and prevent the missed bin problem before it happens. It is such a life-safer for your business to track your waste bins!

In the smart waste bin revolution, the most significant part is to collaborate with the best that will meticulously take care of the waste management process of your business. For example, your business deserves to collaborate with a waste management company that strives to make waste management as easy as possible by giving only the best services to your business.

With our ultrasonic sensors embedded in waste containers, you can obtain all of the previously mentioned benefits. Plus, you will be able to detect any unsolicited location changes, fire, or sudden movements of the container! 

While our, Evreka’s sensors are at a low cost, they are extremely durable: They are IP68 water and dustproof, impact-resistant, simple to assemble and service, resilient against chemicals and short-lasting direct fire, very difficult to steal, and they can work in the scorching heat of a desert as successfully as it does in the below-freezing temperatures of Canada during winter. Moreover, our sensors offer remote software updates, remote control to change in sensor configuration, and an information system amplified by SMS and email notifications.

Get fill level sensor now and combine its amazing features with our state-of-the-art smart waste solutions! You can request a demo here!


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