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Waste management has been a major issue in both developed and under-developing countries. As technology progresses, new technologies must be implemented to ensure proper waste management. The smart waste container is one of the most efficient and environment-friendly methods of managing waste.

How do they work?

Garbage trucks must visit and collect each container in traditional waste disposal, regardless of whether it is complete or not. This takes more time, effort, and resources. However, for efficient performance, the waste management industry is designing and implementing IoT solutions.

The industry is evolving into a safer

The industry is evolving into a safer, more effective part of everyday life, from waste bins with an ultrasonic sensor to data-based management and logistics systems. Real-time data about the fill level of containers can be gathered using IoT sensors that can be connected to them. Different IoT companies can now refine waste collection routes using forecasting algorithms.

Depending on whether the waste is hazardous or toxic, there are different standards for different forms of waste. However, it is certain that proper waste management should include maintaining the waste containers, as well as what’s inside them. A successful program will make the workplace safer while also lowering the chances of obtaining fines during an inspection.

Consider an example

Consider an example

A chef can inform its customers that they better not order a large cake because previous cake orders from different places were wasted by observing their past ordering habits. This analyzing task is accomplished by the use of IoT devices to analyze consumer behavior. 

The waste management era is broad

The waste management era is broad, ranging from our dining room to the streets. It’s hard to tell how much garbage we generate in a day as we look at our everyday routine. Attempting to reduce people’s consumption patterns is also impossible. At that point, the wisest method is adopting smart waste management solutions and gaining advanced insights about how to implement them in the most environmentally friendly way.

How about Evreka?

Evreka is moving garbage collection processes to a whole new level of excellence with the ultrasonic sensors embedded in the waste containers. IP68 water and dustproof, impact-resistant, simple to assemble and service, yet harder to steal, resilient against short-term direct fire, chemical resistance, rough-looking but attractive, low cost, and super-effective during logistics are some of the contributions of Evreka’s hardware solutions to the waste management field. 

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