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artifical intelligence for waste management

Artificial intelligence is one of the rising trends of the 21st century. We encounter AI practices in every aspect of our lives. For instance, in the advertising industry AI technology is utilized for personalized recommendations for the consumers. Furthermore, in the health industry AI is also beneficial in providing a better solution for classifying clinical documentation and better results for patients. Just like these two industries, AI for waste management is also a perfect match! In the waste management industry AI solutions provide efficiency and effectiveness. Let’s get into the details!

Artificial intelligence solutions for waste management

Waste management using AI ensures businesses full-optimization in their waste management processes. For example, food waste is a big issue for the world. Did you know that every year  about 1.3 billion tons of food waste is generated even before taking place in the consumer’s refrigerators. AI based technologies help businesses to prevent these huge amounts of waste generation by identifying and weighting the amount of food waste. 

Additionally, as the climate crisis is becoming more of a nightmare for our world, the trends like circular economy are becoming more prominent. We can easily utilize AI in a circular economy trend too! For instance, AI based technologies provide solutions for waste management to integrate companies to the most efficient circular economy model. Additionally, sorting different types of waste and ensuring composition information datas to help companies to increase their recycling rates is possible in waste management. Thanks to AI it is possible to easily scale waste with real-time data. Did you know that with AI technology it is practically possible to transform 1% of waste which is controlled and examined into 100%.

Not only businesses but also the municipalities can practically utilize AI in waste management processes. There are various artificial intelligence solutions for waste management. Let’s take a closer look at these AI solutions for waste management!

Smart sensors

To start with, smart sensors are one of the core elements of waste management using AI. Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) technology benefiting from AI, it is very easy to ensure efficiency in waste management. 

 With the help of smart sensors, you can:

  • Easily manage your waste containers which provide you with real-time data
  • Track the fill level, inside temperature, unsolicited movement and location and any risk of fire from the all-in-one platform 

As Evreka we provide you the best asset management solution, which covers smart sensors and waste container management. With usage of AI through IoT in smart sensors you will avoid any possible damage and so you will boost productivity in your waste management processes!

Fleet management

The second AI solution for the optimization of productivity in your waste management is the fleet management solution. Your waste truck fleet spends hours every day around the roads. Is it efficient? How can you maximize effectiveness in your fleet management by utilizing AI technologies? Here is your solution: As Evreka we provide you the best fleet management solution

By using IoT Technologies, you can:

  • Control every single step of your fleet
  • Provide your waste truck drivers with optimized route planners for each day
  • Ensure your fleet management maximizes efficiency with routing optimization software
  • Optimize cost reduction in your business by accurate data provided by AI
ai for waste management

Recycling and AI solutions

As the climate crisis becomes a huge problem for all over the world, the sustainability and recycling trends are rising and well-acknowledged. Globally, in all industries businesses are on the aim of finding sustainable efficient solutions. At this point, AI is the choice of successful businesses. The ability of AI based technologies to be more productive than human beings ease humans’ lives and help them when they are used responsibly. In the waste management industry as we analyze AI helps humans to achieve sustainability and efficiency. In addition to that, machine learning and AI not only benefits waste management. It also has advantages in the recycling industry. 

For instance, with some AI based technology which improved with the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) and also operational efficiency, it is the most optimized to recycle. This kind of technology does not need to rest, due to this advantage it is the most efficient way of recycling waste. With utilization from AI technologies which is developed through machine deep learning it is effortless to sort and recover the waste. As it is clearly examined from these examples, the AI solutions optimize the recycling processes. Furthermore,

With efficient and effective AI solutions it is possible to:

  • Digitize recycling processes with the use of IoT applications
  • Benefit your business by maximizing profits saving money and time
  • Contribute to the sustainability of our planet for a better future for our next generations by ensuring energy conservation

If you are interested in utilizing AI in waste management to optimize your productivity in your business, then here we are as Evreka to help and assist you! Request a demo now and become a part of the efficient future technologies!


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