Ultrasonic Sensors: How They Help Manage Your Containers?

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Ultrasonic Sensors: How They Help Manage Your Containers

With each passing day, the population of our cities is growing at an exponential level. And with every new person born into or migrating to metropolises, these urban areas are starting to face increasing problems and challenges in many fields. One such problem is improper waste disposal on all facets of society and insufficient solid waste management by responsible parties. But, with the help of innovative ultrasonic sensors, now you can take waste management under control!

What Are Ultrasonic Sensors?

An ultrasonic sensor is a highly-advanced device that is placed inside any given container that detects:

  • Fill level
  • Unsolicited movement and location changes
  • Inside temperature
  • And any risk of fire inside the container

In waste management, ultrasonic sensors are utilized inside waste containers. They are extremely useful because, through them, waste management companies are able to monitor the fill level of containers — which enables them to track which containers are full and which aren’t, so they can skip the half-full containers and save time and money.

The sensors also enable these companies — by monitoring inside temperatures of the containers — to assess any risks of fire, or give them an exact location of the container’s whereabouts in the case of theft.

What are ultrasonic sensors?

Fill Level Sensor

At Evreka, we strive to make waste management software and hardware solutions as easy as possible by giving only the best services. With fill level sensor embedded in your waste containers, you can obtain all of the previously mentioned features, plus many more!

Our state-of-the-art fill level sensor is a wireless fill-level monitoring sensor that is:

  • IP68 water and dustproof
  • Impact-resistant
  • Easy to install
  • Resilient against chemicals and brief direct exposure to fire
  • Has a battery life of +10 years
  • Can operate in a range of -40°C – +85°C (-40°F – +185°F)
  • Offers remote software updates and sensor configuration
  • Offers real-time information system via SMS/E-mail
  • And is very affordable

Through these state-of-the-art features, fill level sensor offers the following results:

  • Prevention of overflows
  • Prevention of losses due to fire
  • Daily smart route optimization
  • Efficient resource planning (i.e., trucks, bins, employees, etc.)
  • Increased profits (due to more efficient asset management and fleet management)
  • And a cleaner environment (because of preventing overflows, thus pollution, and eliminating unnecessary trips to unfull containers).

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