Importance of Recycling in Sustainable Development Goals

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Our world is under a big threat as a result of the climate crisis. Carbon emissions harm nature every day. Our ongoing daily and industrial habits cause horrific damage to our planet. It is only through sustainable recycling that we can ensure everlasting protection of the biosphere and prevent irreversible global damage by reducing toxic wastes and environmental pollution, conserving natural resources and ecosystems. However, given the inevitable value of recycling, it is concerning to see its national rates are extremely low and insufficient.

For instance, in the UK only 45% of the collected waste is recycled in 2017. But, considering the percentages in 2010 only 40.4% of the total amount of collected waste is recycled. So, we can analyze that there is a trend on the rising recycling rate however it needs to be increased.

Due to that, authorities take some actions. As the United Nations and all around the world governments and businesses acknowledge the value of recycling and the immediate necessity of solutions to the climate crisis, they established sustainable development goals. Let’s take a closer look at sustainable development goals and its features.


What Are Sustainable Development Goals?

There are 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that are supported by the United Nations (UN). And the UN tries to accomplish these 17 important goals before it is too late to recover the damages caused by the climate crisis. Moreover, to ensure a better, greener, and cleaner future for our next generations. All the 17 SDGs are significant and necessary. However, especially, the 12th Goal which is responsible consumption and production is very important considering the importance of recycling. 

As the UN mentions that we need to take steps together to make these goals achieved by 2030. Because of that, the UN encourages individuals, governments, and institutions to recycle and reduce waste and achieve the goal of zero waste. As the 12th SDG highlights the importance of responsible consumption and production they put into words the value of recycling. So, let’s mention the value of recycling!


Value of Recycling: Is Recycling Sustainable?

The importance of recycling is increasingly recognized every single day around the world. At that point, it is necessary to point out the relationship between recycling and sustainability. To start with, as a response to the question, recycling is sustainable. That’s why the value of recycling is recognized increasingly. Sustainability and recycling are two highly linked subjects that close-knit. 

Recycling is necessary to ensure sustainable development goals. Due to it ensures sustainability. For example, waste is one of the main causes of the climate crisis and all businesses and governments need effective and practical waste management solutions. With these efficient waste management solutions, recycling is also one of the solutions for waste management. 

For instance, if a municipality decides to manage their waste efficiently in order to maintain sustainable development goals then they choose a solution that has the latest technology. In that point, it will be beneficial to touch upon the latest recycling technology solutions, such as recycling software.


Recycling Software: What Is The Level?

As mentioned earlier, to satisfy both citizens and also the sustainable development goals latest recycling technologies needed to be kept up with for municipalities. Not only municipalities but also businesses need to take into consideration of these recycling solutions.

For instance, utilizing from the Operations Management solution municipalities or businesses can practically and effectively track and control every single step of their recycling and waste management processes. Furthermore, the Asset Management and the Fleet Management solutions also help businesses and municipalities to achieve their recycling aims and sustainable development goals.

For further information and learn more about the details of recycling software, as Evreka we are ready to assist and provide you with the best waste management solutions

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