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how should trash and recyclables be stored

The solution to the waste problem and road to sustainability starts individually and mostly at home. On an individual scale, you may be doing your part by minimizing waste generation, properly separating what is generated, and choosing the right containers to get rid of them. But, what about the situations where you cannot prevent the creation of lots of trash as a mess?

Suppose that you did a home renovation or changed the furniture causing lots of residential and yard waste. You should use proper disposal methods to avoid injury risks and environmental hazards. Moreover, this trash contains many recyclable materials and deserves a particular trash removal service. So let’s find out the details of junk and trash removal benefits.

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Trash and Recycling: Recycling Bin

Trash, or junk, cannot be handled through traditional methods like randomly craving it with the metal trash can and taking it to the trash landfill. First, it must be collected without missings and subjected to proper sorting, especially the recyclable ones for fitting trash storage bins.

How Should Trash and Recyclables be Stored?

For efficient trash management, you first need a smart trash bin combined with sensors and integrated software. Smart and large trash bins are ideal for efficient trash collection and segregation. So, you also get some kind of trash can with the recycling bin, two birds with one stone! Because a wide variety of types and quantities of junk are appropriately treated for recycling and trash pollution is eliminated. The important point here is creating a service suitable for the possible regaining of these wastes, rather than simply collecting them in a huge trash container to get rid of them in any way. 

However, these new styles of trash removal and disposal and recycling bins for them are not common yet. Although the need grows, the gap does not close. Probably, you aspire to expand your business by closing this gap or you want to cooperate with an already successful company.

Fortunately, there are trash removal companies with sustainable services, whether bulk trash removal, construction trash removal, or residential trash removal. If you want to engage with the best in the industry with fair pricing, and seamless and fast service, meet Evreka!

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Why Should You Choose Evreka?

End-to-end waste container solutions are essential for picking up trash and its efficient disposal. Evreka has proven its success in more than 20 countries and operates in every region of the world with the most comprehensive trash removal services. 

Acting with the vision of sustainable development, EvrekaCrew actually fills the waste management sector’s most important gap by serving the circular economy: An eco-friendly, customizable, and data-driven service with a strong emphasis on efficient and new style recycling.

Paying careful attention to the collection phase, Evreka is ready to assist you at any time with smart bin technologies and its dumpster rental solution specially designed for huge trash removal and disposal. Let’s look at the unique advantages of these products.

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Smart Recycling Bins

Smart containers are an indispensable basis for smart cities. For sustainable waste management, end-to-end container management is compulsory and it is impossible to achieve this without IoT-based sensors. Thanks to Fill Level Sensors, you will be able to:

  • View the location, temperature, and fullness level of your trash container at any time.
  • Trash pick up by creating in-depth plans and trash collection schedules accordingly. 
  • In addition, working integrated with sensors, Asset Management will offer you maximum performance with the pleasure of cutting-edge technologies such as QR codes and RFID. 

This phase is the first step toward useful recycling and circulation of products at the highest value. Thus, it shows us the importance of sustainable solutions with the connection between trash and recycling. Hence, end-to-end container management and transportation to recycling centers fit into a standard and internal scaling. If you have a massive amount of trash due to unusual activity, we invite you to discover our dumpster rental solution!

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Dumpster Rental

It’s time for one of the most demanded services, dumpster rental or skip hire. Especially in processes such as construction and renovation, unusually large waste occurs just in a single area. Since these situations are exceptions, the issue of how to deal with them can turn into a puzzle or, worse, an environmental problem. Luckily, the dumpster rental service meets this need. You get efficient trash removal, storage, and disposal in all aspects with a single service in an environmentally sustainable way. With Evreka, it is safe, eco-friendly, thrifty, and easy to use. Also, through Evreka’s smart solutions, you can:

  • Carry out optimized operations with real-time control by the dumpster tracker for advanced inventory management.
  • Achieve accurate proof of fulfillment with RFID tags, QR codes, signatures, photos, or any other method.
  • Have a safer, time, cost, and energy-effective process with route optimization.
  • Send proof of service using the Captain App.
  • Communicate more effectively with all stakeholders and operate pricing and legislation without trouble.

Smart sensor technologies and dumpster rental are just some of the solutions we offer for efficient trash removal and disposal. If you want to set up a dumpster rental or waste management service, improve your current operations, or benefit from these services individually, you can contact us for all the details. 

EvrekaCrew is ready to support you with sustainable services with constant updates according to the latest technology and sectoral needs and makes it special for each case. For end-to-end control over operations and more, contact us today!


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