What is Sustainable Waste Management: Best Practices

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We can no longer continue to produce and consume this way! Whether they are small or big, the problems of our era, especially the climate crisis and economic fluctuations, prove this. Although technology enables us to innovate at an incredible speed, we have clearly seen the need to concentrate on things other than speed and growth rates. Focusing on ethical growth and resource protection, the road is clear, sustainable waste management

Due to limited resources and difficulty accessing raw materials, competition has increased, but the cost is more than anticipated. We are making the Earth sick and there is no vaccine. If we continue under the current conditions, we need another world to meet these demands. Seriously, according to WWF, two Earths will be needed in 2030!

Obviously, we must use technological speed to achieve a more livable world before it is too late. Fortunately, this struggle has a paramount concept that can create the basis for every field: Sustainability.

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Sustainable Development Goals for Our Future

Sustainability is the idea of thinking about future generations, the ecosystem, and the planet while meeting our current needs. Responsible usage is more important than careless consumption. Our lives will be based on continuity, circular thought, and respect to the Earth. The famous three pillars of sustainability can open roads: Social, economic, and environmental.

Bringing a more responsible production-consumption approach, sustainability seems to be the most reasonable solution for everyone, especially international institutions such as the United Nations (UN). The UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) guide in every domain, from social injustice to economic development, arising from these three pillars to save the planet and living things. In the end, it is possible to see sustainable practices and the reflections of SDGs in all sectors.

The sectoral reflections of sustainability principles bring egalitarian and progressive standards. From ethical working conditions to clean technologies, anyone can see these principles, especially in production lines, even one of the wildest sectors, in the textile industry. However, we will talk about a more fundamental and, thus, ubiquitous sector. It is also directly related to most of the Sustainable Development Goals, waste management!

How to manage waste sustainably

More Than You Think: Sustainable Waste Management

Until recently, waste management was treated as if it just involves city cleaning by somehow collecting waste and dumping it into landfills. Luckily, we started to understand that waste is capital for a sustainable future! Waste management sector is now a candidate to re-establish the economy-ecology relationship in a green world through the circular and solidarity economy with efficient recycling technologies.

How to Manage Waste Sustainably?

Sustainable waste management takes waste on its journey to becoming a resource again in the most eco-friendly ways. From collection to final treatment and regaining operations, every detail is planned in an unharmful way to the ecology. Rather, it encourages biodiversity and protects natural resources. All these with a new dynamic effective business in a circular economy!

Smoothly, wastes are segregated at their source, transported with optimized routes, and sent to the recycling centers, not the landfill. The materials reach the highest quality in there and enter circulation again. In other words, recycling and recovery technologies come to life in waste management and benefit every sector for sustainable development and the circular economy.

a new dynamic effective business in a circular economy

The logic seems pretty simple, right? The end of waste management processes planned to reduce the amount of carbon and environmental pollution comes down to creating capital from waste. Yet, there are so many questions regarding different types of waste, such as:

So, how will these processes be resolved? Of course, with the reflection of technology on sustainable innovation! Combining solutions such as RFID with cloud-based systems has already brought a new era to the waste industry. If you’re looking for best-in-industry sustainable solutions, welcome to Evreka!

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Meet The Future of Waste Management: Evreka

Evreka’s cutting-edge software and hardware solutions are used in more than 20 countries spread across the globe. Excellent combination of SaaS with “Sustainability as a Service” principle, EvrekaCrew gives customizable sustainable development goals company examples. As one of the best sustainable waste management companies, it treat waste management with the aim of a better world. 

The company offers sustainable waste management services to deal with a plan to solve the climate crisis by reducing carbon emissions and solving resource problem. State-of-art hardware and software solutions provide transparency and constant updates according to the latest developments. Moreover, you can:

  • Achieve new resources from the waste efficiently and according to every need
  • Enjoy transparent and fairly priced Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) schemes
  • Have centralization and total digital control
  • Reach zero carbon targets for your company with agile optimization
  • Ensure proper compliance with chain of custody through real-time data
  • Have a chance for driving business towards the sustainable development goals
  • Greener and smart waste management services with savings in the fuel, energy, time, and cost

If you are looking for circular economy solutions to be a part of sustainable development, take advantage of our data-driven and end-to-end solutions covering every stage from collection to recycling. Contact us today for a more livable world!


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