Fundamentals of E-Waste Management & Recycling

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In this eBook, we provide you with essential information about e-waste. Find out stages from e-waste collection to disposal and learn the importance of proper e-waste management and explore how to reap the benefits of e-waste management. Read our eBook and learn the ways of recycling e-waste and avoiding improper e-waste management.

Fundamentals of E-Waste Management & Recycling

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  • Definition of E-waste & E-Waste Management
  • Importance of E-Waste Management
  • Benefits of E-Waste Management
  • The Phases from E-Waste Collection to Disposal
  • Methods of E-Waste Recycling

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E-waste comprises everything related to technology and electronics which already lost their ability to function. Old computer monitors, broken phones, microwaves, and many other electronics could be included in this category.

The growing technological innovation and population cause a significant amount of e-waste and creates several problems. Generally speaking, e-waste is currently the fastest growing waste stream in this technological era. E-waste contains hazardous substances and when buried, they harm the environment. The negative environmental effects of e-waste cause global warming problems and interfere with our aim to be more sustainable. However, you can mitigate the negative impacts with proper e-waste management. Download the free eBook and find out all details!

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