Seamlessly Integrate Your Tech Stack with Evreka

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Seamlessly integrate your tech stack with Evreka

Evreka manages the entire waste process in the most efficient way while enabling the optimization of the entire waste collection process. Also, the unique waste management solutions enable contractor companies to save time and workforce. But how?

With the help of seamless integration of cutting-edge devices and software solutions, Evreka handles the entire waste process, from collection to treatment and recycling in an environmentally friendly way. 

Evreka handles all of the processes

Evreka handles all of the processes required by the municipality or the waste collection contractor company from a single platform, thanks to its fully integrated waste management software. As a result, Evreka can address data collecting, route optimization, vehicle maintenance, and a variety of other activities using smart containers and IoT devices from a single program.

Benefits of Integrated Systems

  • With the integrated software and hardware, it is possible to boost employee productivity in considerable amounts since manually transferring customer data from one system to another can raise errors, divert employees’ attention away from their key responsibilities, and diminish a company’s overall agility.

  • Integrated software programs can save you numerous hours of time spent attempting to connect error-prone, out-of-date data. It allows real-time visibility.

  • The use of integrated software and automation lowers third-party interference in data gathering and validation as well as lowering the danger of human mistakes and restoring data reliability.

  • Customers can access their data from anywhere, have their issues answered fast, and avoid inventory sync concerns with an integrated software solution.

  • Changes and improvements can be implemented quickly when utilizing integrated software applications that support operational excellence.
Partnering with Oracle

Partnering with Oracle

Oracle is one of the world’s largest software companies. It employs over 120,000 people and serves over 380,000 consumers in 145 countries. Database, application development tools, application server, and business application software are all available.

Partnering with Oracle enables Evreka’s both software and hardware system integrations to take place very quickly and accomplish in a most reliable way. Evreka Platform, with Oracle’s help, intends to digitize all waste management systems and revolutionize the entire waste management process while introducing operational excellence with integrated waste management software.



Evreka Platform provides an all-in-one platform for integrating third-party solutions. The platform’s technological architecture is built to integrate standard APIs with any third-party systems. Seamless connection with other components that Evreka Platform provides aims to digitize in all phases of waste management with introducing the industry to excellence in operation.

Evreka delivers ERP services that contain an enterprise planning resource specifically formulated for any waste management activities. On our solution page, you can receive everything from container rental software to construction equipment rental software.

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