Circular Economy Solutions

At the global-scale verge, Evreka’s cutting-edge solutions are with you at every step of the circular economy transition!

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  • What is the circular economy?

    There is no room for waste in the world of living things. All materials are circulated as a flow. One species’ waste is the nutrients of another, and the energy comes from nature. The sustainable circular economy model draws us back to the natural flow with efficient re-usage of resources by linking many factors in production chains for sustainable development. The circular economy principles by design are as follows:

    • Eliminate waste and pollution with recyclable product design

    • Regenerate natural systems by returning biological materials

    • Circulate products and materials with the highest value through waste management

    Human impact on nature have to be regenerative. We must surpass the profit maximization paradigm and get new resources with cooperation, like a forest, and waste management.

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  • Benefits

    • Maximum inbound and outbound control in recycling centers and MRFs

    • Cost, time, and energy-efficient and sustainable waste management solutions for new resources

    • Real-time data for a seamless process flow end-to-end

    • Customizable enterprise resource planning by integrating disparate systems

    • Effective communication between all the market players for practical cooperation

    • Transparent EPR schemes

    • Reducing carbon emissions

    • More efficient productions with less energy in the frame of circular thought

    • Eliminate the risk of green inflation

    • Meeting environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria

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  • How can Evreka solutions help?

    EvrekaCrew is aware that waste management is a key to a better world. We have thought about all the details of the circular economy transition to be a guide by making new changes every single day in our all-in-one and end-to-end solutions.

    Efficient waste segregation and collection

    Ensure that separate streams are not mixed until the last moment in the recycling phase

    Planning operations with real-time data

    Instant, cost, time, and energy-efficient control at every step from relationships with citizens, employees, and customers to asset management and route optimization

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  • How can Evreka solutions help?

    Cloud-based solutions to agile optimization

    Facilitate all waste management operations under one roof through cloud-based solutions developed with IoT algorithms

    Online documentation and advanced inventory management

    Easily manage and customize online documents for the chain of custody, EPR, and other legal obligations

    Maximum control in recycling centers and MRFs

    Eradicate trackability problems with efficient supervision for full-scale inbound and outbound control with a mobile app

    Greener together

    Reach global 2050 targets, from a carbon-neutral economy to keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees

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Evreka is ready to support everyone and every institution to achieve the climate, circular economy, and green infrastructure targets in 2050 with the most comprehensive waste management solutions.

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