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Optimize waste collection routes with Evreka! Increase efficiency and profitability by digitizing every waste management operation.

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  • Achieve route optimization with Evreka

    Although every stage of waste management is important, there is one point that stands out more and affects the operation of other steps, collection. Traditional methods cause time, energy, and fuel loss, and they are difficult to follow and irregular. Therefore, inefficient operations are inevitable. Luckily, route optimization solutions offered by digital waste management techniques are environmentally and economically sustainable. Even a necessity for efficient waste collection operations! Evreka’s best-in-industry solutions are perfect for providing the optimization you are looking for.

  • Task fulfillment is easier with RFID tags

    By utilizing RFID technology, you will be able to:

    • Monitor task fulfillments

    • Track asset location and maintenance

    • Manage operations on the cloud digitally

    Installing RFID tags on containers and garbage trucks lets you optimize collection routes, track your vehicles and control task fulfillments by ensuring the vehicle came close to the container.

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  • Increase efficiency with Fleet Management Module

    Evreka offers intelligent solutions for your waste collection inefficiencies. The Fleet Management solution lets you: 

    • Monitor the real-time location of your fleet

    • Check task fulfillments and breaks of drivers

    • Track your vehicles’ maintenance and fuel levels with periodic 

    • Plan the changes with instant data  if necessary

    • Analyze operation performance

    • Utilize your sources better

    • Optimize your costs

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  • Track your vehicles with high-tech

    Utilize GPS technology for the smart waste management process and track the location of vehicles, control task fulfillment based on the location of your vehicles, analyze driver performance, and manage fuel consumption with vehicle tracker!

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  • Benefits

    • Eliminate the trackability problem of your fleet and whole operations

    • End-to-end control and analysis of task fulfillment

    • Environmentally sustainable operations

    • Optimized fuel usage

    • Cost and time savings

    • Decreasing carbon emissions

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Route optimization is one of the biggest problems in waste operations, decreasing profits by increasing time spent on collection. But with garbage truck routing software solutions, you can now increase efficiency and profitability only with one keystroke! Contact us today about Evreka’s eco-friendly and real-time data-based route optimization solution!

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