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When the human population continues to expand, so does the amount of garbage and litter generated collectively. Cities, nations, and municipalities are all attempting but failing, to keep up with this. So, what are the options? A key component of the approach is smart waste management software.

How The Smart Waste Management Software Works?

Firstly, microchips are used to monitor all sorts of information, such as, when the bin collects the most garbage and how full it is.

Installing asset management software

Installing the Asset Management Software is the best way to ensure proper container management. This software will:

  • Assist the organization in increasing productivity and performance.
  • Allow the company to maximize its return on investment.

When it comes to the second component, what matters is the waste management software system. All of the information collected by the bin is sent here to be used for waste management purposes. When a bin is complete, for example, it will be put on the route automatically. The pickup service would be able to conveniently drive the most reliable route this way.

Also municipalities will benefit from the software framework

Also, municipalities will benefit from the software for municipal solid waste management framework used to track and monitor the smart waste management process. They can use this information to enhance other processes and policies as well since the system registers and records so much useful data!

Route Planning Software with IoT Technology

On the market today, there are intelligent alternatives. Garbage pickup trucks are increasingly using the route optimization solution for waste collection. Waste collectors should have an automated route prepared for them that prioritizes areas that need to be cleaned up right away and avoids disposal units that still have space.

The location of smart waste containers

The location of smart waste containers can be monitored from elsewhere. The device sends an alarm as soon as the container needs to be cleared. This innovative approach improves city waste management, while also actively lowering environmental impact.

Routing software is a cost-cutting measure that also improves overall efficiency. Tracking systems provide precise information on vehicle routes during the day, allowing you to ensure that your drivers take the shortest routes to their destinations. 

What is the best waste management software

What Is The Best Waste Management Software?

Evreka offers the most comprehensive intelligent solution for smart waste management. Also, the company encompasses the entire waste process and delivers highly advanced technologies in an eco-friendly way, from the collection phase to treatment and recycling. Its solutions’ seamless incorporation of cutting-edge equipment and unique applications are used in more than 20 countries across the world.

Meet Evreka Smart Solutions to reach operational excellence at every phase of your business!


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