Increasing Medical Waste: How We Can Manage Well?

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medical waste

Finding advanced techniques in medicine also leads to creation of more amounts and new types of medical waste. We are healing ourselves with the help of advanced medical technologies, yet, this creates another problem. This problem is medical waste and if we do not handle it properly, it leads to a huge harm for our health and environment.

Pandemic and Medical Waste

Covid-19 has brought us a lot of problems. Especially these days we need more technology and developments in medicine. Covid-19 has made us lean on more to medical developments. Imagine that only to find vaccines we are creating a lot of waste for the trial and errors. Our waste production during this period and we need to deal with this waste properly to eliminate any danger. Moreover, improper management of healthcare waste aids in transmission of Covid-19 virus.

medical waste

Importance of Regulations

Meeting with the regulations in medical waste is highly important. Governments are realizing the importance of medical waste and they understand how complex the processes are. For this reason, they put a lot of rules and regulations for medical waste processes starting from collection until disposal. The key point here is always ensuring safety and transparency. 

The regulations want the medical waste processes to be safe for workers and environment. We need to be extremely careful to achieve these standards and keep in mind that any error during the process might be very dangerous.

To reach these targets, we need to collect a lot of live data and analyze it efficiently to track the processes. All of these take a lot of time if they are handled in traditional ways. For this reason, the processes are transformed more and more to more automated ways. 

medical waste

Processes of Medical Waste Management

As you can imagine, the medical waste management requires a lot of steps.

  • It starts with a proper collection and sorting of waste. Here separating waste properly according to its type is crucial which requires also an effective utilization of data.
  • After this, storage and transportation process starts. This process is handled by special vehicles and storage materials that ensures safety since any unwanted condition here will lead to a lot of problems. 
  • Medical waste logistics is a serious issue and during this process we have a lot of regulations also. It is not finished after the waste arrives at its treatment and disposal point. After every transportation and storage all the items should be cleaned very carefully.
  • Lastly, we deal with the treatment and disposal stage of medical waste. This process is highly important because we minimize or eliminate our effect on the environment. What needs to be considered in medical waste disposal is that there is no universal solution for it. According to the waste type, its characteristics and our resources, we are deciding on the optimal method for disposal. There are a lot of disposal methods that we can use such as incineration, autoclaving, microwaving, chemical disinfection, irradiation, thermal inactivation and biological. 

We should always consider that we need to support sustainable practices in each and every step of medical waste management. However, since the amount of waste is increasing we are concerned about what we can do. Well good news is that we have a savior!

Solution for Increasing Medical Waste Problem

For the increasing medical waste problem, the helper is the technology. By utilizing technological power, we can ensure safety and efficiency at every stage of medical waste management. Technology leads us to develop all-in-one platforms that can manage all data and processes of waste management effectively and create optimized solutions for it.

Utilizing technology helps us to reach sustainable standards in medical waste management which is very hard to achieve with traditional methods. We can minimize errors and maximize efficiency, save a lot of time, cost and resources. 

We should promote the usage of RFID, GPS and IoT technology to optimize each process. This will help us to achieve operational excellence. Thereby, we will have a green, healthy and safe environment and future for us and for next generations.

medical waste


What can we provide for you to reach these standards? As Evreka, we are an advanced technology-based software company that loves our environment. We care about the environment’s needs and every step we take is ensuring that we meet with sustainable practices. For this reason, we always create the best solutions for you!

We are providing all-in-one platforms for medical waste management that will help you to reach operational excellence and safety. You will minimize your costs, errors and resource utilization while you will minimize your effect on the environment and maximize efficiency and effectiveness. 

If you want to know more about medical waste disposal and management, contact us now!


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