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Ensure safety of your workers, achieve operating efficiency and track all your medical waste processes in one singe platform.

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  • All-inclusive biomedical waste solutions

    Medical studies have a negative output, waste! Biomedical waste should be carefully managed because of the potential health and environmental risks. Throughout the pandemic, the risk potential of all phases of medical waste management, from medical waste collection to disposal, has grown even more. Fortunately, there is a solution that will control every detail for you and create seamless operations. Look closer to Evreka’s biomedical waste solutions for medical waste management companies’ biohazard and hospital waste.

  • Improve your waste management operations

    All phases of your biomedical waste management can be managed with intelligent software and hardware solutions from medical waste collection to bio waste disposal. Upgrade your waste management process with Evreka’s smart solutions and comply with local and federal regulations.

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  • Reach high profitability in medical waste management

    Ease your work with medical waste solutions. Top-notch medical waste pickup and dropoff services ensure safety for your workers and excellence in your operations. Secure tracking of biohazardous waste and vehicles with Evreka’s smart solutions for increasing operational efficiency.

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  • Benefits

    • Elimination of environmental pollution and health risks

    • Ensuring the safety of all employees

    • Cost, time, energy-efficient, sustainable, and customizable medical waste management techniques

    • Complying with all the official regulations and chain of custody

    • Efficient enterprise resource planning (ERP)

    • Eradicate the trackability problem

    • Agile optimization by combining and effectively using disparate systems

    • Real-time control over all details

    • Instant notifications about emergencies

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Biomedical waste management in hospitals is now much easier with Evreka’s smart solutions. Contact us today for maximum safety, optimization, and seamless processes flow end-to-end!

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