Case Study: Achieve Efficiency in Medical Waste Management

Read our case study to get insights into how our client mitigate problems with intelligent Evreka solutions!

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Efficient and safe operations for better medical waste management

  • Overview

    Our leading client in the APAC region provides an integrated waste management service in the medical waste sector. From collection right through to treatment and final disposal, our customer operates its own treatment and incineration facilities. They deal with a wide range of waste streams including sharps, infectious, anatomical, and pharmaceutical.

  • Pain points of our client

    • Tracking of each transportation step of the medical waste by manual reporting was hard to manage and maintain.

    • Monitoring the real-time locations and numbers of the medical waste bins was a problem due to a high number of assets and clients.

    • Managing on-demand work orders was problematic due to manual scheduling and routing.

    • Although location tracking of the vehicles was achieved via a 3rd party tracking system, adequate information flow was not duly achieved.

    • Monitoring client information and their SLAs and planning the shifts and routes accordingly was difficult due to the lack of a digital tool.

  • Benefits we provide

    • Singular step tracking and reporting of the disposal process, providing precise chain-of-custody documentation, and, certificates of destruction generation are achieved by the Evreka CaptainApp.

    • With the help of the vehicle RFID reader, real-time waste collection information is provided in some of the areas for certain clients.

    • For on-demand collection orders, the Evreka SupervisorApp is in use to achieve digital task creation and task vehicle assignments.

    • All the customer information, including their operational requirements and SLAs, are started to be stored on the Evreka CleanCity, for easy management.

    • With the Evreka CleanCity Client App, smooth communication between the company and its clients is achieved for on-demand work orders and past and planned collection activities.

    • Optimized scheduling and routing are achieved with Evreka’s AI-backed route optimization algorithms.

  • What our customer gained

    • Approximately 57% reduction in total managerial time spent, especially on operational planning

    • Transfer of the client communication to the digital arena by 41%

    80% cost reduction in call center costs

    34% cost reduction in the field thanks to route optimization

    25% increased profitability thanks to asset utilization optimization