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The world is getting more crowded everyday. All of us are producing a lot of waste to be managed. Also, because of the developing technologies and new industries our waste stream is changing and new types of waste are created. This requires a lot of time to be handled. So, what is the need for waste collection today? The answer is route planning.

Problems of Waste Collection

You must observe that our neighborhoods are full of houses with a lot of people or full of companies etc. These people are creating a huge amount of waste that we need to deal with. However, during the collection period of these wastes, we should actually think about optimizing the process. Because if not, while we are trying to clean our environment, we are creating more danger. 

Waste collection is a long process. Each and every garbage should be collected from the neighborhoods. However, if we don’t manage this process efficiently, we have to use a lot of waste trucks unnecessarily which creates pollution. Moreover, it leads to traffic and noise that decreases the quality of our lives. So, what is the solution?

route planning

Route Planning Software

Thanks to the developing technology, garbage collection is becoming more efficient than ever! Waste management companies have been using route optimization system software to enhance their operations. This technology is a very effective tool to minimize your effect on the environment and at the same time to maximize your efficiency.

Today we can use RFID, GPS and IoT technology in route planning. These systems utilize both hardware and software technologies to achieve efficiency. By gathering the data from sensors and collecting them in all-in-one platforms, we can optimize the routes for garbage collection trucks and ensure efficiency. The garbage route planner is very effective in terms of collecting, tracking and analyzing the most accurate data which gives us the best solutions. 

route planning

Garbage route software is also very important to prevent mistakes during the process. We can efficiently track our waste and collect it. Moreover, we are taking the whole control of the process since the data is live and accurate. We can detect any unwanted situation and decrease the possibility of errors.

Effective Collection Equals to Proper Management

In waste management, a proper waste management process starts with proper collection of waste. If we want to ensure sustainability in our processes first we need to collect all waste that might lead to an unsustainable environment. However, while doing this we need to decrease our effect on our environment too. 

By utilizing route planning software, we can properly collect our waste while decreasing our effect on the environment. This will help us to reach a sustainable future by sustainable operations. Moreover, this will help us to save a lot of costs by efficiently utilizing our resources and decrease the managerial time we spend. So, we can say that it is the key point to reach operational excellence!

route planning

Do you want to operate sustainably while increasing your performance? The answer is route planning then!


As Evreka, our aim is to contribute to this sustainable environment dream. We know that traditional methods are insufficient to reach a better future. We need to utilize technology to make any waste management step more sustainable and provide a healthy environment. For this reason, we are working very hard to ensure you best solutions for your business and for our environment.

Our customized hardware and software solutions will guarantee you the performance that you always want in your waste management collection. We know that a good collection leads to good waste management. Therefore, we are providing you advanced all-in-one platforms for you to reach operational excellence.

You can get more information from our blogs about route planning. If you want to ensure sustainability and optimization at the same time contact us!


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