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Waste is an inevitable result of the daily operations that are realized. However, as we know one special type of waste is counted more dangerous than the others which is hazardous waste. Hazardous waste can be described as the waste that has one or more of the characteristics such as ignitability, reactivity, corrosivity or toxicity. The problem of this waste type is that it cannot be disposed of easily as the other waste types. For this reason, some other processes, such as treatment or solidification, might be required. These operations can be described as more complex therefore, advanced tracking methods are needed in order to guarantee a better result.

Many people might think that this waste is a result of industrial activities that are realized by companies, however households also affect the formation of this waste which is called household hazardous waste. You can think about the examples of this type as electronic devices, aerosols, batteries, cleaners and automotive wastes etc. All of these might cause serious illnesses or create a serious environmental problem. The products that can result in hazardous waste are labeled as dangerous. Considering the individual production of the household hazardous waste together with companies’ production, you can imagine how large the general production of this waste and how crucial to ensure proper tracking of it.

hazardous waste

For all of these reasons mentioned, special care is needed for the hazardous waste management. In order to reduce the amount of the hazardous waste, reduction and recycling are desirable options yet, generally they are not the final solutions which leads to a need for treatment and for storage or disposal. Starting from the collection until the disposal of hazardous waste, the process should be properly handled otherwise it might result in serious damage of the environment and health. That is why, many organizations and governments closely regulate the practice of hazardous waste management to prevent inadequate processes.

Since the regulations are so strict about this critical issue, the governments but also the individuals that are paying attention to the environmental issues regarding hazardous waste disposal and are demanding more and more transparency about this topic everyday. The documentation and reporting of these processes should be accurate, up-to-date and ordered. Also, the information of these processes should be tracked very closely and disclosed to the public.

Rising Technology in Hazardous Waste Management

This tracking information, transparency and management of the hazardous waste processes are getting harder as the industrialization is increasing which leads to bigger companies and more complex activities of them. So, one question might arise here: How are we going to catch up with these developments and protect our environment? The answer is clear actually, with the help of digitalization. As technological developments and industrialization is increasing, the hazardous wastes as byproducts are also increasing, yet so do the digitized solutions for the management of it. Digital transformation has eased the collection, transportation and disposal processes of hazardous waste management. Moreover, tracking the information and reporting has also changed with this transformation.

Digitalization created systems including many technologies to guarantee safety regarding this issue therefore digital solutions for hazardous waste management is a trend right now. For these purposes, we can see the usage of RFID, GPS, GPRS and IoT technology in this area to make sure that the appropriate transportation to the right destination occurred and no inappropriate disposal realized. Based on the RFID technology, hazardous waste management systems are established and during the transportation process, GPS and positioning systems are helping. Also, online information platforms are being integrated rapidly to these technologies in order to keep track of waste or any problems about the process and manage it.

hazardous waste management

All these technological developments in this area not only leads to safer processes by decreasing the possibility of accidents but also reduces expenses, saves time, energy and resources, gives more rapid information and that is why enabling more effective solutions for problems, makes the data more up-to-date and accurate that is crucial for transparency therefore turning the processes into a more efficient manner.

How Are We Contributing For A Safer Environment For All?

As Evreka, we are providing most up-to-date advanced solutions for our environment with love. We know how these hazardous wastes can create a huge problem for our health and future. Therefore, we are developing efficient effluent treatment solutions that can help to manage hazardous waste stream that meets all standards and is environmentally-friendly.

hazardous waste management

All phases of these waste management processes from generation to destruction certificate can be managed with Evreka solutions. We are helping you with most innovative ideas with latest technological developments and we are creating a solution that provides a centralized framework by which you can track and control each process of your hazardous waste management process. If you want to become a part of this family and keep up with advanced technology contact with us!


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