Individual Medical Waste Report

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In this industry report, we provide you with Evreka's primary research that reveals the analysis of individual awareness associated with medical waste.

Evreka Industry Reports enables waste management companies and municipalities to better understand the sectoral dynamics, requirements, and demands. With priceless insights, you can take firm steps and grow your business!

Individual Medical Waste Report

What's in this offer?

  • Awareness level of the public regarding segregation of medical waste 
  • Individual practices to manage medical waste
  • Post-pandemic shift regarding the use of personal protective equipment
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Would you like to know how individuals manage medical waste during the pandemic?

Evreka conducted a powerful public survey on medical waste management during the pandemic. Evreka not only sets out common best practices with a selected comprehensive sample but also highlights the sensitivity of medical waste and areas open to remediation. Do you know how many people use masks every day? How about the appropriate percentage of discrimination for these masks? Although many think that separating medical waste is necessary, the level of awareness and actions taken are unbalanced!

Read Evreka's industrial report to gain insight into citizen awareness of medical waste management.