Waste routing software for smart waste management

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Waste Routing Software: Paving the Way for Smart Waste Management

In the ever-growing metropolises of our era, it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage the waste collection. The population of the cities is rising exponentially, which means there is more waste to collect compared to the day before and there is also more need for garbage containers all over the city. This is why more and more business owners in the waste management industry are switching to smart waste management solutions every day. One of the many components that make up smart waste management is waste routing software.

Waste Routing Software: Paving the Way for Smart Waste Management

Route Planning Software

Traditionally, waste management has been carried out manually, meaning all the operations of the waste collection and management process are conducted by people rather than a computer. This method is extremely time-consuming for the managers as well as the garbage truck drivers and prone to human error (for example, a driver might forget to collect trash from a container or a manager might make a calculation error). Thus, it is overall very inefficient. 

With route planning software, however, the manager’s workload would be reduced to simply operating the software, compared to spending hours on end to come up with a functioning route plan manually. This would minimize the time wasted on waste management and any risk of human error to the fullest extent while also increasing efficiency immensely. 

Furthermore, with the help of route optimization, the environmental pollution caused by overflowing trash from garbage containers (i.e. visual, odor, noise, and water pollution) would be effectively eliminated because the software would determine the route according to the fullness levels of the garbage containers. This would allow the truck driver to avoid going to empty or half-full containers and go instead to the ones that are actually in need of collecting. 

Route Planning Software

Fleet Management

Fleet management allows business owners to manage all of their fleets via vehicle tracking tools. These tools can come in the form of software and hardware (see fill level sensor, vehicle RFID reader, and vehicle tracker). It is recommended to combine Evreka’s Fleet Management and Operations Management software to get maximum efficiency, utilization, and profits.

Fleet management solutions offer a great variety of amazing services such as managing all fleets or a single vehicle on the geofence, optimizing the cost reduction by providing accurate data, utilizing a live map of the real-time location of fleets/vehicles, providing real-time driver and vehicle performance analysis, etc. In addition to all of these benefits, fleet management also increases the route planning accuracy for waste management.

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