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For better waste management operations, high-tech solutions are a must. Evreka offers software and hardware solutions for every phase of a sustainable waste management operation. Innovative solutions, which also covers mobile applications, helps businesses to improve efficiency with optimized operations to be profitable. Let’s check out some of the best applications for the high-tech waste management business.


Waste collection is the first step of the waste management process. Most importantly, it is the only process that requires interaction with citizens and customers. Without any application, or generally technology, the communication is difficult to sustain. The Customer Portal is the application for easing the communication between authorities and all stakeholders. This portal helps everyone to:

  • Check collection times.
  • Request collection.
  • Inform waste collection companies about the incidents.
  • Check out smart bins around their location.
  • Track the collection process with the notifications.

Engagement module manages all the requests and incidents about the collection in real-time. After they solve the problem or fulfill the collection service, they notify the customers or citizens. Customer and citizen satisfaction is now guaranteed with the help of the best application!

high-tech waste management


Evreka FieldWork is an application for your drivers. This application will ease the communication between employees and authorities, while also easing the communication between citizens. With the help of Fleet Management, authorities can:

  • Check out answers to the HSEQ questions.
  • Assign new tasks to the drivers.
  • Track employees and their task fulfillments.
  • Get notifications if any problem occurred in the field.

With FieldWork, drivers can also:

  • Check assigned routes and tasks.
  • Notify the authorities of the problems with photographs.
  • Prove task fulfillments with signatures of the customers.
  • Notify citizens and customers with before/after pictures after waste collection.

Overall, FieldWork eases and speeds up the overall waste management process.

From landfill software solutions to route planning software solutions, Evreka offers many solutions that cover every phase of your operations. Start your demo today, and manage your business more efficiently immediately! Also, you can download one pagers to gain more insight into our smart solutions.

Check out our case studies to understand which smart city software solution suits your needs more!


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