Ultrasonic Sensors to Track Fill Levels For Optimization

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ultrasonic sensors

Waste management takes a lot of time. Millions of households, companies and industries are producing waste, and these wastes are thrown up to bins and containers. However, we are talking about wastes that are spread to a huge land here which needs to be handled efficiently. For this reason, we need the help of ultrasonic sensors.

The Danger in Waste Collection

The collection process of the waste is hard since we have a lot of neighborhoods with a lot of different types of industries that use different waste containers. In traditional waste management methods we cannot determine if a waste container is full or not. 

This creates a lot of problems in many perspectives since we are using trucks for the collection of waste. These trucks are arriving in the containers that are sometimes empty and using unnecessary fuel which leads to pollution. Moreover, this also creates traffic problems because of the excessive amount of trucks and also a noise problem. 

ultrasonic sensors

We should be very careful about these points since our aim is to protect our environment and minimize the waste however traditional methods lead to other problems for the environment and all of these problems are very dangerous for our health and our environment.

Meet the New Technology

For all of the reasons mentioned above we need a new technology to decrease our effect while realizing our waste management which is containers with an ultrasonic sensor. Ultrasonic sensors help us to detect the amount of waste in containers and accordingly optimize our routes. 

The idea here is that in waste management collection unnecessary usage of resources is hazardous for the environment if the containers are not full. For this reason, by detecting the amount of waste in containers we try to avoid this unnecessary usage. You must be curious about how this is possible.

The ultrasonic sensors here are giving signals according to the fill level of containers. These signals are showing us which containers we have to reach. According to this information, waste management software finds a route that is optimized to take all full containers that the trucks can use. 

ultrasonic sensors

This method decreases the usage of resources, cost, and time which is crucial in waste management. Since we are dealing with a huge amount of waste we need to use optimized solutions to become more efficient and effective in waste management processes. Moreover, this method decreases the noise and traffic on the roads.

Accurate Information Is Important 

Another issue is that these ultrasonic sensors have to be durable which means they have to be IP68 water and dustproof. This is very important for the accuracy of the data that we use to optimize the routes. The wastes contain a lot of types and these sensors should not be badly affected by liquid wastes since it will interrupt our efficient processes. Moreover, the dust should not affect the mechanism of the sensor. 

Providing all of these conditions will help us to actively manage the efficiency of our processes and prevent our environment from bad effects. 


As Evreka we are aware that the waste collection process is very important to have proper waste management. These proper waste management methods are based on advanced technological developments such as sensors. We are caring for our environment for this reason we are providing solutions every day. We are here for the sensors you need. 

With the sensors that we are providing you can join the efficient waste collection processes. You can manage your resources more effectively by decreasing the amount you spent for fuel or any other costs and decreasing the noise or traffic. 

If you want to know more about the solutions we provide with sensors check our website or you can read our blogs. Also, you can contact us


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